Lamassu<br /><br />

I found this piece at and estate sale.  The prior owner of the estate must have either been Middle Easter, or really into Middle Eastern culture.  The entire place was scattered with trinkets and baubles that were Middle Eastern in origin.  More specifically the person may have been Jordanian or Lebanese, based on what I was able find there. <br /><br />

I felt a particular connection to one of the pieces from the estate sale.  The piece was emanating a magical telepathic signal that I was surely able to pick up on, so I acquired the piece, because I was curious as to what was going on with it.  I don’t know if the man who had owned this property before knew exactly what he was in possession of; however, after running several of my own tests and investigations, I can now conclude that this piece alone could’ve been the reason for his vast success and material wealth.  I can say this confidently, because I saw the house and the property and belongings of the fellow at the said estate sale.<br /><br />

What this piece is, is the embodiment of an ancient deity that has origins in the Middle East, specifically with the Babylonian and Syrian Empires.  The deity I have acquired is actually just one of many that are know as Lamassu.  The Lamassu are known as strong, majestic guardians of gateways, full of wisdom and great courage.  He is the deity that helps people fight chaos and evil.  Each day the Lamassu are commissioned to open the gates of dawn for Shamash, so the sun can illuminate the world around us.  <br /><br />

What this piece will do for you is act as a gateway for your horizon.  He will go before you, preparing your road with an essence of good grace and even better fortune.  He will guide you spiritually, through your days, weeks, months, years, and life, protecting you from evil, going before you as a preventative measure against chaos and unease.  Basically you can think of this guy as your own personal spiritual assistant, who is ready to help at his very summoning.  Finally, when you are done in his realm, he will help you pass over, acting as a friend and confidant in this new realm, should you become confused or frightened.  What we are offering is a lifelong devotion to protection, well-being, and good luck.  What you will end up getting is timeless friendship and loyalty.  The decision is yours, but I would heed the advice not to miss out on such a splendid opportunity. 
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