Laveau's All-Seeing Eye


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Laveau's All-Seeing Eye

Okay, perhaps you have a dirty, lying, cheating, bastard boyfriend.  Perhaps one of your so-called "friends" is jealous of you, has it in for you, and is plotting their revenge against you.  Maybe you have sumbitted for a job and you want to know if you are getting it.  Maybe you want to know if your roomate is secretly spying through your stuff when youa aren't around. 

Either way, this is a piece that I've had since last year when we came back from New Oreans.  I didn't offer it on the website at first, because I had my own agenda to take care of using the powers in this piece.  I call the piece Laveau's All-Seeing Eye.  This piece was used by contemporaries of Marie Laveau, but it is her own original magic that has been infused into the pin. 

This pin is to be used in conjunction with a voodoo doll.  The voodoo doll can look like the person if you want it to.  It can be a generic voodoo doll if you concentrate on the person you want it to affect.  Your final option, and probably most practical, is to get your hands on something that belonged to the other person-- a wallet, stuffed animal, pillow, whatever the person has made physical contact with-- and jab it with this pin. 
The power in this piece will allow you mind to bilocate in pure spiritual, invisible form.  You can exist in the mortal vessel of the person you want to spy on if you choose, if you want to get a better picture, this piece will allow you to see all of what is going on, as if you were following the person in a fly-on-the-wall scenario! 

So... stop that cheating bastard in his tracks; or tell your friend that she shouldn't hate you because your beautiful!!  Use this piece to see the actions of others whitout actually being there! Extremely convenient, raw form of Marie Laveau's magic!!

Laveau's All-Seeing Eye
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