Le Maitre de la Foret

This piece is derived from France. I’m sure that all of you have had an experience with a werewolf at one point in time or another. If not personal, I’m sure you can picture what a werewolf would look like, what it would do, and how it might behave.

Here is story of one werewolf, possibly one that proves that werewolves, similar to vampires have the ability of power bestowal-- that is the ability to bestow their powers to another human being. The story of a young boy who was taken by a stranger out into the woods by a stranger to visit a “beast man.” Once there, the “beast man” scratched the young boy, turning him into a beast as well. Once he was turned back into a human and as time progressed, he discovered that he could shape shift into a wolf at any time that he chose, simply by telling his mind to transform his being. He has been using his powers ever since.

We’ve researched his power and were able to learn from him. Additionally, we were able to channel his energy and all of his powers into the piece above. Once you have this piece it will be necessary to light a candle and take a piece of your hair and a drop of blood to place into the flame. Once this is done the ability of shape shifting into a wolf will be passed on to you, as well. You will given the ability of power bestowal and will be able to transform whomever you repeat the process for with your piece into a werewolf also.

You will exhibit the powers of accelerated healing, being able to heal yourself at ten times the speed of a normal human being. You will be given the power of biological manipulation while in wolf form, being able to force other animals to carry out your will. Lastly, you will be given the power of animal mimicry and the ability to take the shape of the wolf. If you work on your ability you will eventually be given the power to shift into other creatures. Please note that the shift is on the spiritual and astral level only but the power and ability is with you in physical form as well as astral. This piece is very old and beautiful,you will feel the power right away. DO NOT WEAR WHILE HAVING SEX!

See the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etr5kPj9Bj4
Le Maitre de la Foret
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