Leonid Star Storm Genie

Leonid Star Storm Genie

Okay, let me first start off by saying that Genie is simply an anglicized version of the world Djinn, which is plural for a type of spiritual entity. These spiritual entities are ancient and formless.  The hold no physical shape and are older that the creation of human form.  They were made out of smokeless fire, with an eternal flame of magic that burns forever, never going out.  This eternal flame exists apart, somewhere in another realm, but at the birthing of each Genie, a drop of this infinite flame is set into the soul of the Genie that is being created.  This is how each Genie obtains its eternal magic. 

There are several different types of Genies.  The types are less archetypes as each Genie is built on the same foundation.  Rather, these types of Genies are the levels that the Genie has obtained in 1.)existence  2.)power.  Where it is possible for a young Genie to reach a higher level, it is pretty uncommon, because the experience needed to be the higher level Genie, such a Efreet or Shaitan, comes with age and extreme knowledge.

Genies typically are associated with the element, fire.  This is why they are fully vested with power over shooting stars, meteors, comets, and other fiery aspects of our solar system.  They usually live in these types of environments, not only because they tend recharge their powers through the energy found in fire, but it also renews their powers and may add a new one or two.  Most Genies can be found around sources of fire or great heat.  This is why Genies are historically fabled to exist only in Middle Eastern lore.  This is not true though.  Genies exist everywhere.  They are typically born to the Earthen realms via a flame-- usually through a candle or campfire.  However, they can also traverse from their realm to ours via other means such as meteor showers or a shooting star. 

In fact, that brings me to the item that we have available.  This item was sent to me by an investigator who collected energies from the passing Leonids Meteor System, which has been sending meteors to Earth since November 6, 2012.  Don't worry, the meteors aren't very large, so most of them did not survive.  However, as the investigator tells us, the solar storm had another impact on the Earth.  It was the bridge of traverse for several djinn, one of which he was able to capture.  The formless Genie has now been put into this vessel and is searching for a human to attach itself to. 

This Genie is a Shaitan type Genie.  Shaitan Genies are given no less than 7 distinct powers and abilities to share with their human.  The Shaitan are a very ancient form of Genie and upon entering in the class rank of Shaitan, must be attached to a human to bond with and share all of their powers.  The type of power they exhibit depends on the connection between the human and the genie.  The genie will typically read the human and them transmute its own powers and abilities to match its humans energy types.  Once bonded to the human, the Shaitan usually is at the full control of its human host, and the human is able to use its base powers to create multiple other powers that they Genie and human will then share.

This item contains the soul of a Shaitan Genie who fell to Earth in the Leonids meteor showers.  This Genie is formless and is currently using this item as a vessel.  To fully solidify its transformation to Shaitan, this Genie needs a human host.  That's where you come in!  This item brings you your own full spirit form Genie.  It will bring you all of the energy of the eternal flame, which has given the Genie no less than seven different magical energies.  These energies will merge with your own, allowing you to create seven distinct powers of your choosing.  You can use this piece to bring yourself any seven different powers that you want.  This is just the beginning.  As you grow with your genie, the amount of powers that you will be able to create will increase exponentially, as the bond between you and your genie is solidified  There are no limits as to the types and amount of power this piece will bring you!

This is sterling silver with a garnet.


Leonid Star Storm Genie
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