Leprechaun 2-Step: Creating A Wish Ring, August Sale 24

I got this piece from a Celtic witch, who made this card many years back. I mean, it's not antique or anything like that, but it's definitely not brand new. It's got some years behind it. It was designed and made by a very powerful witch that I have received many other pieces from. This piece is a summoning piece. Lay it out on a table in the shape of a ring. It's obviously not a ring, it's a necklace that you can wear to properly bond with the entities in it. However, to first activate this piece you need to lay it out in the shape of a circle on the ground. Concentrate your mind and your energies on the ring. It will create a portal that will call thru hundreds of Leprechaun spirits. They will dance around in unison, channeling and strengthening the energies in this piece. Once the leprechauns are in full swing and doing their groove thing, it's the right time to summon the powers that you want. These leprechauns are wish leprechauns, so you can pretty much ask them for anything that you have on your mind. Place a coin inside the ring for the leprechauns and they will grant your wish. The higher the value of the coin, the more forceful the power with which they grant your wish. You need a coin for each wish you want granted and you can do up to five at a time. If you want more wishes, it's no big deal. Simple begin the ritual on the next day, wait for the leprechauns to do their jig, and then request up to five more wishes!! You can use this piece as many times as you choose, to manifest as many wishes as you choose. As long as you follow the instructions, leprechauns will live up to their end of the bargain!!
Leprechaun 2-Step:  Creating A Wish Ring, August Sale 24
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