Leprechaun houses

Leprechaun houses ---

Granted to us from Dander in Ireland, these bracelets hold the spirits of a leprechaun!

We all know the tales of finding a pot of gold and becoming wealthy from a leprechaun. From research and investigative experiences, we found that you can be emitted with prosperities of wealth from a leprechaun, but chasing them at the end of a rainbow is not accurate in the way to embrace their blessings!

These hold a charm that has captured a rambunctious leprechaun who needs to grant blessings to others to fulfill their rite of passage and be able to complete their growth in the Union of their communities.

We were lucky to get two of these, one holds Ralicon and the other has Wentzel within it. These two are quite energetic and ready to impart enrichments to the person who wears the piece, as they want to get back to their former lives of chaos.

Due to getting caught being greedy and trite, they were placed within these clover charms. Dander, a sprite, who Adita encountered several years ago, will inform us if he ever has anything unique that will help our clients -- and when we got the call about these we were excited!

These have not been tested as far as releasing the leprechaun, they were however tested for the energy emissions -- and they are extremely high! The first person to release the leprechaun is who will be blessed -- so that is being held off until they are purchased.

Become enriched with what you need and desire, as these little lucky beings are ready and eager to please and make you happy -- so they can meet their requirements and be released by the Oracle of Leprechauns who placed them in the charms!

Get one of these now, as they are eager to please so they can be released by St. Patrick's Day~!! This is sure to be a fast acting item for anyone!

Leprechaun houses
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