Lieu Hanh the Holy Mother

One of the Jade Emperor’s beautiful Fairy princess daughters broke a precious jade bowl in Heaven and as punishment was temporarily exiled to Earth. She assumed the identity of a Vietnamese girl name Lieu Hanh in Tien Huong Village, Nam Dinh Province. Depending on the version of the myth, she may or may not have been born a human princess. She marries and was happy but died three years later (but really returned to Heaven as a Jade Fairy Princess). <br /><br />

The story could end there except that the princess’ stay on Earth among people had moved her profoundly. She had developed tremendous affection for people and perceived that they needed her help. Lieu Hanh consciously chose to return to Earth to help the needy and provide protection from danger and evil. Over the centuries she has appeared in many forms. <br /><br />

Lieu Hanh is famous for her mastery of poetry and painting. She plays the flute. Lieu Hanh is the mistress of creative and cultural arts and able to transmit talent and inspiration to others. She is identified with traditional chao van music, now used to invoke her protections and help. Lieu Hanh communicates via spirit mediums. <br /><br />

Lieu Hanh can be invoked to provide protection and healing for you no matter what your issue. She is best suited, however, to people who are seeking inspiration, motivation and creative success. If you feel that you are in need of a muse, if you are struggling to make a name for yourself in a creative field of any kind, bring this wonderful artifact into your life, and Lieu Hanh will ensure that you have everything it takes to succeed. Your talent will increase exponentially. You will have the motivation and drive to achieve every goal you set for yourself. All obstacles will be removed from your path. Fame and fortune will be yours for the taking. <br /><br />


Lieu Hanh the Holy Mother
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