Liliana's Balls of Enlightenment

Liliana's Balls of Enlightenment

We recently learned that the invocation that Liliana received at a young girl that granted her the witiching white light connection that she has today was ignited from 16 empowered head shrews, each gifting a bead to her, these were later strung along with spacers to make a necklace.

This is what hung abover her bed up until her 16th birthday, and that is when the eruption of blessings ensued within her.

We were impressed with the escoteric rituals that were used and then we asked if she still had the necklace -- and behold here it is!

It is a beautiful piece that showcases the 16 glistening power beads... it took a lot of convincing before she would allow us to offer this prestigious item, but here is your opportunity at an extremely powerful necklace.

You now have the chance to render the amazing gifts that Liliana was forecasted with into your spirit. This is a once in a lifetime chance to have this blessing fortressed into your soul without being born into the coven, and having the rituals protrayed for years to implement you as a chosen one!

Liliana will not lose her powers, so that is why she finally allowed us to talk her into letting this go --- but you will gain the adherements of energies and blessings that she was chosen to gain at birth~!

Liliana's Balls of Enlightenment
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