Lion of Judah; Eagle of the Skies

This is a piece that has come to personally.  I did not seek it out in any type of investigation.  In fact, I wasn't even "working" when I came across the piece.  The fact of the matter is, I don't even know why I was chose for the piece, I just was.  I'm not suggesting that I, in any way, am a prophet of God, because I don't think that is the case.  I just think that I was in the right place at the right time and God happened to share this piece with me.  There are those that say that the miracles of God are not present, simply because they do not see them.  I'll tell you, as this piece has guided me to believe, there are miracles all around us.  Our hearts have simply been hardened into expectations.  We just have to search for the miracles that we want to see.  They are not hard to discover.  Of this I can assure you.  
A few weeks ago, I was out taking a walk with my dog.  The first revelation that I saw was the one that I am about to tell you about.  The second revelation was given to me by the caretaker of the cemetery that I decided to walk in.  Apparently, they frown upon people walking dogs in the cemetery.  I convinced him, though that I'd clean up after her, as I always do.  She's usually pretty stubborn anyhow and just waits till we get home and craps on the kitchen floor.  Thank God for hard wood, right?  Anyway, I convinced the caretaker to let me at least finish my current walk and I would not return with her.  At this, he suddenly changed his mind and said that I could bring her back any time I'd like.  It was the first weird thing that happened to me that day, given the fact that he was all vehement about the fact that I had her in there to begin with.  
Either way, it was a pretty dismal day out and the sky was draped with grey.  Actually, it's the kind of day that I actually prefer save for the fact that I hate rain; but it wasn't raining, so I was alright.  As I walked along, I couldn't help but noticed a flock of crows that was circling above.  It isn't surprising, there is a very large field and a woods adjacent to the cemetery.  It was likely that they were just circling around their evening dinner.  I didn't think anything of it.  I kept walking and I saw a rey of golden sun come from between the clouds.  Out of this rey of sun was the biggest Eagle that I have seen in my entire life.  It was even bigger than any of the ones that I have ever seen at the zoo.  I mean, it was huge.  I flew out of the rey of sun chased those crow away in a heart beat.  Their whole flock just scattered.  He fluttered down to the ground, apparently to what they flock was circling over and just perched there, in the field staring at me.  It took me a while to break out of my gaze and realize that the eagle had gone.  
The next day, I decided to take the man up on the offer of being able to bring my dog back any time that I want.  It's not like I was making a mess anyhow, because like I said, she had gone on the kitchen like clock work.  Lysol wipes are a man's best friend.  I don't care what anybody else says.  As I was making my rounds through the cemetery, I noticed that the crows were there once more.  Again, the eagle came and chased them off.  Again, I stood their fixated upon the Eagle.  That night, however, I couldn't sleep.  It was a very restless night for some reason, as what I had seen for two days straight actually began to bother me.  When I did sleep I had visions of a particular verse in the book of the Bible.  I can't even remember which one it is.  It says that Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah, but that he is also the swift eagle who has come to take a prey.  It goes on to say something about Jesus has come like an Eagle to take the food away from the evil one.
The following day, I dared to go back to the cemetery.  Only this time I went alone.  No walk for the little one today.  She'd just have to be content pooping on the floor without her walk.  As I rounded the bend that I normally do, of course there were the crows, and the ray of sun, and the Eagle.  It was the whole nine yards.  This time instead of staring at the Eagle, I walked toward it.  The eagle didn't move-- not a inch.  It sat there all majestic and noble looking.  It really was a beautiful bird.  As I neared the eagle it began to hover, with it's wing expanse probably just as long as my arm expanse. It got real close to me, on eye level.  As I gazed into the Eagles eyes, I was taken away to a vision.  In this visions, the Eagle became two creatures.  First is was the Eagle that descended from the Heavens. As it descended it took the form of a brazen creature with the torso of a man and the head of a lion.  It came with a double edged sword, with a mane of fire.  It battled all the evil forces on Earth until there were none left.  As I watched, the lion looked directly into my eyes and uttered the words, "I am the Lion of Judah."  
When I came out of the vision, this piece was hanging by the talon of the eagle.  This is when I finally got the revelation in what I was seeing.  The crows were circling around a creature of inevitable and impending death.  The eagle-- the lion of Judah-- came out of the heavens to chase the evil away and save the creature, which is representative of humankind.  The eagle actually dropped the piece from his talon into my hand.  Then it disappeared into the sky.  I have been back many times to the cemetery with and without my dog.  I have seen the crows circling since then, but never again have I seen the eagle.  After testing this piece, I have come to realize that this is prophetic piece.  It contains only pure white light and is a direct connection to the glories of Heaven. 
When you wear this piece, you will be given many detailed prophecies.  These are all kinds of prophecies, not limited in any way.  Some of the prophecies that you will see, though, are those such as the ones found in the Book of Revelations of John the Prophet.  It will show you all that the Prophet John wishes to convey in his Book of Revelations.  It will show you the Four Horseman and the being that is four beings in one-- the lion, eagle, calf, and man.  It will show you the beast and the number 666.  It will show you all of those things that you have read about on the Internet and in the Bible but have never understood.  It will also show you all the secrets that were written about by the prophet Daniel-- such as when the Bear and the Dragon fall down upon the Eagle.  In this vision the Eagle represents the United States, not Jesus.  It will literally show you and allow you to comprehend every prophecy ever given in the Bible.   Then, it will show you more.  If you think that the knowledge and power of God can simply be contained in one book (the Bible), then you are sadly mistaken.  There are many other visions and prophecies that God wishes to convey, He is just very choosy about whom he shows them to.  With this piece, you will become one of the Lord's chosen ones.  You will receive prophecies that will give you many answers to the questions you have always had.  He will even throw in a few white light powers that are yours for the taking.  For instance, during one of the prophecies that I saw, I was given the ability to create angels.  It was ingrained in my DNA and I carry the power till this day.  
This is a very eye-opening piece and you do not want to stray away from it.  It you desire to have all your divine questions answered then this is the way.  It is said, ask and it shall be given unto you.  This is your piece!!  The piece is the Lion of Judah.  His red eyes represent all that he will show you and the white he holds in his mouth represents those things that he will tell you!    
Lion of Judah; Eagle of the Skies
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