Little Boy Blue

 Little Boy Blue

Winter, 2010, Jackson Michigan. One day, my best friend's mom called us crying, saying that she was sleeping on her couch right before work and she woke up and saw a little boy that looked like he was born in the 1970s by the looks of what he was wearing (a little blue suit jacket and dirty blue pants) running around in her living room. Scared to death, she screamed and he looked at her and ran right past her.

Three days later, I was sitting across from my sister Michelle and we were watching TV in our living room. Our older sister Melanie was lying next to Michelle on the couch, taking a nap. She started to blink her eyes, then all of a sudden she jumped and started screaming, tears running down her face. We asked her what was wrong. She couldn't talk, so we waited for her to stop panicking and she finally told us what she saw: a little boy in blue.

The family called us in, as they were scared as to what was going on in their home. Here we discovered that their couch was purchased from a second hand furniture store -- and the couch is where a woman was sleeping when her son was playing and ended up falling down the basement steps.

She jumped an arose to the loud chaotic noise and all she could do was scream when she saw her child at the bottom of the steps!

The factors of the incident would never allow her to rest, and the sofa haunted her -- as she blame herself for taking  nap... that is why it got donated.

Our clients bought the sofa because it was in exceptional condition, but it now was granting her memories to them.

We were able to extract the energies from the sofa, and the clients are using it in peace --- but the vessel holds the alerts that will kinetically connect you with your loved ones! We all have inner signals, but this will alert you internally when something has happened, or one of your loved ones is in danger. The spirit will not allow for another to have to face the devistation that she did with the loss of her child --- this is a great signalling emblem that will help you have ease of mind when your family is away from you -- as you will get detections and sensory signals if something is wrong -- and then you can do something to prevent harm~!!


Little Boy Blue
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