Little Devils RR

This pendant has two beings from Tibet that are seriously dark and twisted and they are known as Cheu Kyongs. I don't know very much about them other than what I will say here and what they do. There are some people who know a great deal about these beings, but like most things of this nature, they are tight lipped. Some things are just best not talked about openly.

I call them little devils because they are nasty buggers. They are not demons, but they come close and there is nothing dark they will not do. NOTHING. They can be controlled by a magician and in this item they are controlled by you.

Now with that being said, they will do exactly what you tell them to do. Believe me they will do a good job of it, they have been programmed to do so. These are serious beings and should be treated this way. They are not for the novice.

Be very clear on what you tell them to do and be in control of your intention when you use them. I call them little devils for a reason and things can have a spill over effect that you might not have thought about.

You can do great things with a item like this or you can be the fool. Good or evil that's totally up to you. This is not a toy.

At times I will be adding more information, back stories etc on some of the items in blog posts on the forum.

Thanks for looking

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Nothing I am selling is for entertainment purposes!!!!!
Little Devils RR
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