Lost Pyramids of the Mother City

Lost Pyramids of the Mother City

For over century scientists have been on a quest to find what they call the mother city.  They know that civilization began in six places of the world:  Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, Peru, and Central America.  In each of these regions people moved from small family units to build cities of thousands of citizens.

The search for the mother city raged on until 2001, when the lost pyramids of Caral, Peru were found.  Some deny that this city is the mother city, but really at the heart of matter, it doesn't really matter if Caral was the mother city or not.  It is a city of great power that defies all odds.  It is long known that civilization has been compelled to develop complex societies only out of fear of war and conquest.  The thought is that eventually, if we don't band together, we will be defeated by a clan that outnumbers us; so in a way it was an ancient arms race.  Whoever could develop a larger society was the one who was going to pay off in the end, because the bigger society you have, the more people you have to fight on your side. 

The argument is, then, that Caral is the Mother City because it shows absolutely no sign of war or conquest at all.  These things are apparent in all other cities of ancient civilization.  Caral had no enemies to fend off.  The city as designed on pleasure and fun, for purposes on enlightenment only.  Their society thrives on white light sustenance and not the possibility of defeat.

The Lost Pyramids of Caral, Peru are believed to be the Mother Pyramids, as well.  They date back to 2600 BC, making the city and the Pyramids one of the earliest known on Earth.  The site is older than the earliest known civilizations in the Americas and being constructed in 2,627 BC, puts them right on par with the antiquity of the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt.  Many believe that Caral is the missing link-- the piece of the puzzle the describes it all.  It will give the point to existence and reasoning behind the civilization of humanity! 

The most crucial part to understanding this whole things is that there is not the faintest trace of warfare at Caral.  There are no battlements, weapons or mutilated bodies.  On the contrary, findings suggest that Caral was a gentle society of white light peace.  They made love... not war.  The society was built on commerce, pleasure, and complacency.  In one of the ancient city of pyramids, they uncovered ritualistic flutes made from condor and pelican bones.  This suggests that the people of Caral were more in tune with the spiritual world and the world magic and white light than any other civilizations that have previously been thought to be so. 

This item has been taken to the pyramids of Caral.  It has not been taken into to all of them, but it does not matter.  The same life current flows through all the pyramids and the through the city that was once Caral, Peru. 

This piece gives you all of the energy and understanding that was given to the people at Caral.  It will give you the wisdom of the Mother City and divine knowledge of the Mother Pyramid.  This divine magic is of the most extreme white light, so bright that you will feel it prism when you use it.  It is pure knowledge.  These thing are more powerful than any that you have ever experience, because while the Egyptians might have been powerful, and the Bosnians, and the Mayans, and the Chinese, and anywhere else you might find a a pyramid, they were all warring countries.  They all knew conflict and strife.  The people at Caral were not about this.  They were the essence of peace and thus manifested the purest form of white light power imaginable with all the keys to knowledge, illumination, and enlightenment!    

Lost Pyramids of the Mother City
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