Luck of Ahava


Leprechauns have one weakness, they are frequently found in an intoxicated state, caused by home-brew poteen. However they never become so drunk that the hand which holds the hammer becomes unsteady and their shoemaker's work would become affected. Besides the fact they can use foul language, they also smoke awful smelling pipes and manage to drink a lot of stout, even straight from the jug.<br /><br />

Leprechauns have also become self-appointed guardians of ancient treasure (left by the Danes when they marauded through Ireland), burying it in crocks or pots. This may be one reason why leprechauns tend to avoid contact with humans whom they regard as foolish creatures. <br /><br />

If caught by a mortal, the leprechaun will promise great wealth if allowed to go free. He carries two leather pouches. In one there is a silver shilling, a magical coin that returns to the purse each time it is paid out. In the other he carries a gold coin which he uses to try and bribe his way out of difficult situations. This coin usually turns to leaves or ashes once the leprechaun has parted with it. However, you must never take your eye off him, for he can vanish in an instant.<br /><br />

The tricks of a leprechaun are cunning and trite. Many people miss out on their luck because they are unaware of the pranks that the drunk, empowered guys play.<br /><br />

There are many humans who have been placed in counseling, or mental institutions, because they have encountered a leprechaun and then had been outwitted. When they tell their tales of woe others think they have gone off their rocker. They are viewed as unstable and just plain nuts!<br /><br />

Dealing with paranormal products and entities of magic for years, we have discovered how to hinder the games of the leprechauns and hence we are able to get the pure magic that resides within them.<br /><br />

The most intriguing leprechaun power that we have discovered was laid out in front of us when we were in the British Isles. <br /><br />

We were called to a home that they believed was haunted by an evil spirit. Our team was ready for a big exorcism; when we got there we were enticed to find out that the mischief and "hauntings" that were precluded upon the home was the work of a leprechaun named Ahava. <br /><br />

Ahava enjoyed ridiculing humans and this family was very scared by his implications, so he decided to move in and showcase despair upon them on a daily basis!<br /><br />

Deedee recognized the energies immediately and knew we didn't have to fear a poltergeist or evil entity. Knowing her way around the ideals of leprechauns, she was able to outsmart his tricks and we were able to trap him.<br /><br />

Ahava did the normal 'tricks' to try and get free, but after not being able to pull one over on us, he re-inverted himself and granted real wishes; the wishes were placed into the this incredible piece.<br /><br />

Deedee has had many encounters over the years with these creatures, but was unable to utilize all their power.... with Ahava she was able to!<br /><br />

Every Leprechaun has a pot of gold, hidden deep in the Irish countryside. To protect the leprechaun’s pot of gold the Irish fairies gave them magical powers to use if ever captured by a human or an animal. Such magic an Irish leprechaun would perform to escape capture would be to grant three wishes ~ these wishes will br granted to the first person to bond with this piece.<br /><br />

The energies can be felt simply be touching this item, but you must wear it and bond with it to allow Ahava to come forth and grant you your wishes... this is a remarkable piece of pure luck allowing you to accomplish what you have always desired when you get to make your 3 choices of prosperity!<br /><br />



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