Luminary Fairy Necklace

Luminary Fairy Necklace --This piece goes the extra mile with the advantage of prolific omniscient influences. The piece holds four fairies and                                                                    a portal to the Loki Realm, which is the Premiere realm of the strongest and most beautiful fairies. This piece holds Relma, Arden, Cecilia and Uriel.

They grant amazing abilities of flight, radiance, illumination, mind channeling, easy involvement strengths and charismatic psychic impartments.

The center bead is actually the portal to the realm, the pink beads hold the fairies and they will help you on your travels to and from the Loki Realm.

In that realm you will experience and be able to collect amazing new powers that most humans do not even know about~!


Luminary Fairy Necklace
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