Lunar Tide Mermaid

When I was young (and I mean very young) I used to look up at the sky and think to myself that there has to be more to existence than what my parents were telling me.  I mean, I trusted my parents in telling me that God created the world and the heavens and everything that exists in them, but I just always knew that there was more.  After all, it says in the Bible that God created the heavens.  Theoretically, this would mean that create the heavens and all things therein.  This is why I feel no guilt at all, and neither should you, at believing in such things as alternate dimensions and aliens and all the other things that some modern Christians think are taboo.  If God created us and the world we live in, He can surely create other things and just because it isn't in the Bible doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.  Antarctica wasn't in the Bible and it's still there.  Aliens aren't in the Bible and clearly they exist.  This is how I can tell you, with confidence, that the entity that is in this piece is definitely one of God's most prized creations.  Not much talked about, like the Griffins in the Bible that people deny the existence of, but they are there.  

I don't know if you'll remember her, but we often do collaborative work with a Romani witch whose name is Grizzelle.  We haven't filmed any videos with her for a while, but we still do work with her from time to time.  This is a piece that we actually found together while doing an investigation in New Jersey one day on a house that was abandoned at the side of the road, who people were telling us was haunted.  The house wasn't haunted.  That was a superstition.  However, we didn't come back empty handed.  The thing is that I'm not even so sure where this piece comes from.  Deedee knows all these back ways around New Jersey and get lost a lot of the times, so thank God she's with me most times I go there.  I can only tell you that we drove down a stretch of woods that was forest on either side.  The road seemed to stretch on for miles and miles.  She took me to a dried out lake bed, where there were a lot of cool seashells.  I have a thing for them.  I originally though that it was a dried up lake or something, but it turns out that it was just a place from which the water receded during low tide.  

The phase of the moon has a lot to do with tides on Earth.  This is because the energies of the solar system are shored up in a very peculiar way on our moon.  There a magical springs at the center of the moon.  You would think by look at the moon and its barren outer crust that there is no way that it could possibly sustain life.  However, think of the moon like a pregnant person's belly.  On the outside it just looks like skin (well, unless they're really pregnant, they may get larger), but on the inside the conditions are perfect for life to be created.  This is the power of the magical springs that exist on the inside of the moon.  They were put there by God during the intelligent creation of existence, to store his most prized possessions, beside we humans, of course. 

So, there I was in the middle of this temporarily emptied water bed, searching for exotic shells.  It was a good think I wore boots that day, because the mud is kind of like quick sand and tries to suck you in.  I found a bunch of cool looking shells and some other stuff. Everyone involved had a good time laughing at me trudging around in the mud.  However, the story of the day comes, when I overturned a type of shell that I had never seen before.  It was fully intact and when I shook it, I could tell there was something in it.  So, I pried it open and this piece was inside.  Immediately, Deedee, Grizzelle, and myself got busy with the piece.  It was Grizzellethat was the one to crack the mystery, that this piece summons the presence of a lunar tide mermaid.  

The lunar tide mermaids are the ones that play in the magical springs at the center of the moon, which is the source of life for all that live there.  The magic from these springs are what bring about the energy that correlates between the Earth and the moon.  These mermaids embody all the powers of the lunar phase and the lunar tide.  This energy can be thought of like an alchemy that will allow you to manifest type of energy that you want in your life.  You can mold the energy like play dough, to manifest your deepest desires to come to life.  The piece itself was once the possession of one of these beautiful lunar mermaids, who are allowed to travel to Earth, only during a full moon.  Why she let the piece behind, I'm not sure.  However, it's doesn't matter because the piece is ours now, and we are offering it up for sale.  

This piece can be activated by allowing the full light of a full moon soak into the moon part of the pendant.  This will activate the powers of the lunar tide mermaid, who will bring you the magic that exists within the core of the moon.  This magic, again, can be molded into an energy that you want into your life-- love, wealth, spiritual purity, psychic awakening, literally, anything that you want.  The piece works in accordance to lunar tides, meaning that the power will work the best when its' a full moon and while it's a new moon, the piece will be recharging.  It will have various levels of power through the tide cycle.  However, the powers that are bestowed upon you during the full moon phase will be more than enough to last until the next full moon phase.  This is why I suggest working one power at a time.  The white light guidance of your personal lunar tide mermaid will be with you and she will oversee your power and see to it that your inner desires are fulfilled.  This is seriously one of the most powerful mermaid pieces that I've ever encountered.  After all, she was created by God and given his white light holy powers.  With this piece you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Enjoy! 
Lunar Tide Mermaid
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