Madame Lalinn is the Kreyol moon goddess: she is the moon herself, the woman in the moon and the spirit essence of the moon. She is a very visible goddess: you’ll find her in the sky at night. Madame Lalinn is invoked to oversee and bless lunar magic. She presides over dream spells and may be petitioned for luck, beauty and fertility. Madame Lalinn will help open the third eye. She is an oracular spirit who presides over scrying: the art of prophesy via gazing into smooth surfaces, usually glass or liquids but moon-gazing may be very effective, too. Madame Lalinn is the matron of magic mirrors and crystal balls. <br /><br />

If you wish to make her an offering, make her one of white candles, lunar imagery, silver charms and beads, white cakes, crescent rolls, white rice, bowls of water, mirrors, pearls, mother of pearl or abalone shells. <br /><br />

If you wish to make moon water, expose a bowl of fresh spring water to moonlight. Moonlight infused water has myriad magical uses: <br /><br />

  • Place the bowl under your bed to enhance conception<br /><br />
  • Bathe in it to enhance beauty<br /><br />
  • Bathe magical tools to enhance their power<br /><br />s
  • Place a small hand mirror inside the bowl of water face up so as to absorb the moonlight and create a lunar enhanced magic mirror for scrying<br /><br />
  • Add quartz crystals or crystal wands to the water to cleanse and intensify their power<br /><br />

Bring this blessed talisman, infused with the power of Madame Lalinn, into your life, if you wish to enhance your inner and outer beauty. Madame Lalinn will make you irresistible to everyone you meet. She will bring love and good fortune into your life, sharing all of the blessings of heaven with you. If you wish to have a baby, Madame Lalinn will grant you this wish. If you are seeking a meaningful relationship, it will be yours. Hopeful lovers will fall at your feet, begging for your favor. <br /><br />

Madame Lalinn can also be petitioned to open your third eye, endowing you with powerful psychic abilities and the capacity to call upon the spirit world for divine guidance, help and support. You will see all, will understand all. The secrets of the universe will be laid bare for you. <br /><br />


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