The Red Fairy

Okay, so do you remember the realm that I've helped create? If you don't allow me to give you a little bit of a background. We created a realm approximately three years ago to which only him or I are allowed to travel. The reason being is because we have vested a lot of time and effort into creating the powers in this realm, and we do not want some evil savage to come along and sabotage things. So, we treat our realm similar to the way a lioness would treat her cub. Don't mess with or we're going to bite you... kind of.

Anyway, the powers in this realm have been brewing, as we have cultivated all of them from ideas that we dreamt up. You see, he has the power to create realms out of his mind, so anything that he things and projects will be present in the realm. All we have to do is guide it along the way, making sure the powers stay pure and out of harm's influence. The power that is vested into the piece that you see here is a power that has come from this realm, and realm we call Majestic.

The piece that you see is an illustrative work of art, but it is so much more. Hidden deep within the confines of this piece is the power of a gal we like call the red fairy. She is red for a very good reason, and we have brought her to full potential over the last three years. You do not have to worry, because as with all of our items, this item has been tried out again and again and is proven to work. I wouldn't give you crap, and you guys know that.

Now the color red represents many things, including life and vitality, heightened spirituality, and strong emotion. This is what the Red Fairy is going to provide for you. You are no longer going to dead minded, for the Red Fairy is going to provide you with a magic that is going to heighten your spiritual existence to levels that have never been recorded in you book. As far as you're concerned, you are going to be transformed into a spiritual guru, giving you new life and vitality to understand the things that go on around us.

No longer will you be kept in the dark, but you will experience a strong emotion of oneness that will open up your inner being, the sixth chakra, or third eye. It is not important what you call it, it is only important that you know that the ability exists and that the Red Fairy is going to unlock it for you. Once this power is unlocked, the spiritual wool that has been in front of your eyes is going to be released allowing you to communicate with the highest spiritual beings to obtain their blessings and powers. You will able to read the minds of others and open portals to realms that you've never before visited.

She is going to give you a spiritual protection that will work in conjunction with your soul to ward off evil spirits and entities that you may encounter along the way. This piece is serious and isn't for the meek of heart. It will open your eyes and expose the truth for what it is... that we aren't alone and that existence other than human life form is present. You will also be able to encounter this at your own free will, but be warned, there's some freaky stuff out there. Of course with freaky stuff comes freaky powers and I dig that, so bring it on!! You can also encounter what the Red Fairy can do for you, by securing the piece that you see here as your own. It is something you don't want to miss out on. And remember it's homegrown and organic and you can't go wrong there.

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