Early last year, I was feeling over-burdened, worn down, and in need of some serious rest and relaxation. My aunt and closest confidante, Chloe, suggested that I take a trip to the west coast and visit her in California. Win, win situation…. I could take a load off and visit my dear aunt. My vacation would prove to be both relaxing and productive, as I would make a huge paranormal discovery.

Before I left, I researched California myths and legends and came across a legend that really interested me. The legend of Mt. Shasta intrigued me. As legend would have, the Lemurians once lived in a majestic continent miles from the Pacific coast. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and the Lemurians’ majestic kingdom was no exception. Their kingdom suffered the same tragic fate of that of Atlantis, sinking into the Pacific Ocean, never to be seen again. However, the Lemurians were a bit luckier than the inhabitants of Atlantis and managed to escape to California, in particularly, Mt Shasta. Using their special powers, they built a new kingdom, deep inside the heart of Mt. Shasta.

I’m not a skeptic, but I just couldn’t see how an entire race could have built a city deep inside a mountain without, at least, being detected. So, I made plans to take a hiking trip up the side of the highly off-limits Mt. Shasta, and, if nothing else, I would get some much needed exercise. As my story goes, I packed my bags, flew to California, and had my rendezvous with my Aunt. I invited her along on my espionage and investigation of Mt. Shasta, but she had prior engagements to attend to, so I decided I would do it alone.

Mt. Shasta, for reasons that I am soon to share with you, is off limits to the general population. I'm not characterized by anything general, so I borrowed a piece with the special power of cloaking my existence and took to the trails. I wish I would've borrowed something that would make my sense of direction more astute, because I soon found myself lost on the side of Mt. Shasta, cloaked from the world. The temperature was dropping and the sun set. As I stopped to take a break, I felt my self slip into unconsciousness.

When I awoke, I found myself in mysterious surroundings. I sat up, almost expecting St. Gabriel to inform me that I died and went to Heaven-- the bed that I was lain in was hand crafted of the finest Redwood of the California Redwood forest. The sheets in my current haven were made of the finest Egyptian cotton. Tapestries, stitched with silk, adorned the wall in a rainbow of vibrant colors. I looked to my right and noticed a window, leading out to a city of gold. It was a breath-taking sight. It reminded me of the "New Jerusalem" as described in the Bible. I feasted my eyes for nearly a minute and then I noticed the girl sitting at the foot of the bed I was resting in. she was a creature of peculiar beauty. While she didn't wasn't made of any other human archetype that I have ever encountered in my life, she was still of human descent with elongated, slender features. Her skin was a perfect butter-toffee complexion, her eyes a light hazel color and her hair was rich mocha. She was dressed in flowing purple attire and work a crown intricately inlaid with top-quality amethysts. Overtaken by her beauty and enchantment, I shoved my fists into my eyes to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. At this, she smiled warmly and informed me that I had been taken to the depths of Mt. Shasta, into an underground city built by an ancient, immortal civilization. The city was named Lemuria-- I was in the land of the Lemurians. She was a Lemurian Princess, daughter of the Royal King of Lemuria. When she spoke, her words seemed to allure me, seemed to draw me into her being and to give me a true understanding of what she really meant to convey. It was similar to telepathy. Then she reached out and took my hand. We drifted from the floor, out of the window, and into the streets of gold below. I walked a distance with her, all the while noticing my surroundings. The city was built in great splendor. All of the structures were built in pure gold, all embellished with shining purple amethysts.

As we walked, we chatted. She told me the story of her great civilization. They had once laid claim to the most beautiful city in the world-- the "above" world that is. They called the ancient eighth continent, far off the coast of California, home. Their home boasted all the richest luxuries known to exist and The Lemurians enjoyed the best of everything. All this grandiosity, however, came to an end when the Lemurians' adversaries were filled with envy and cursed the land, causing it to sink into the Ocean, never to be seen again. The Lemurians barely made it out alive and the only possession they were able to salvage were a few of the magical amethysts that had given the Lemurians everything they had previous staked claim to. The Lemurians were able to escape in the nic of time, and sought refuge in Mt. Shasta. While refugees on Mt. Shasta, the Lemurian elders were able to use the magic exhibited in the few remaining mystical amethysts for the purpose of producing more out the vast supply of rock at Mt. Shasta. Eventually, after being in hiding for nearly a decade, the Lemurian people were able to channel enough energy from the mythical amethysts to resurrect their capital city, Lemuria. The chose the spot, deep under Mt. Shasta, for the purpose of keeping their new location undisclosed for fear that people may find out what they had done and attempt to destroy their livelihood again.

Typically, the Lemurians' practice is to eliminate any intruders out of defense for the new city, and thus, is the reason for mysterious disappearances on the mountain, causing the United States government to deem the mountain as a restricted area. When the princess, named Leona, discovered me, she was overtake with pity.

She cited my intrigue with and interest in their ancient civilization. She begged her father to spare my life and instead of doing away with me, healed me. The magical amethysts are what helped me recover, she explained. She pointed to a necklace of amethysts, strung around my neck. In their civilization the power of the mystical amethyst is the tell-all, explain-all source of existence. The sacred amethyst allows you to travel to the inner realms of your subconscious thoughts. It gives you the ability to significantly heal your spiritual being. Once healed, you will be able to travel to better and more vivid spiritual realms. You will be given the spiritual secrets of the ancient, spiritual realms you will discover. Rendering the powers of your subconscious thought will also let you think things into existence. It is how the Lemurians recreated their city of splendor. Your deepest desires will become reality, being propelled from the realms of inner thought, into the reality of existence. When you wear the amethysts it will give you the power of physical health and well-being. I nearly passed away from exhaustion, dehydration, and hypothermia... but I didn't. The energy in these jewels made me better, almost instantly, and continued to work until I was at 100% health!! It worked better than any medicine, procedural or alternative, that I have ever used!! It did and continues to amaze me. You see, as a parting gift, the princess allowed me to keep the amethysts. I have used it to help treat anything from a headache and the common cold to bronchitis and pneumonia. The best part about it, is that the Lemurians are at no loss, as the amethysts keep being reproduced, ever enhancing the abilities of the Lemurians, the splendor of their great city, and the Lemurians overall state of being.

I have since revisited the city of Lemuria and its grandiosity. The Lemurians were gracious enough to allow me and a team of investigators visit their homeland to channel the power from their city and the mystical amethysts into the piece above. of course, we kept some for ourselves, but now we are making the power available to you. You will be given the power of the Lemurians as describe to me by Princess Leona. Likewise, you will gain the Lemurians immortality. When worn close to the body, the relic will give you inner peace and serenity. Additionally, after investigations, we have determined you will also experience a heightened sense of astral awareness, being able to communicate from beings from multiple realms of existence.

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