Light and Flighty Spirit of Sprites

Anybody who knows me, and knows me well, will know that I am a bargain hunter by nature. It should come as no surprise when one finds me at a consignment sales, or secondhand shop, or in an aisle that is specifically marked up for clearance items. In fact, this item that you see here I found at a going out of business sale in a small town in upstate Pennsylvania. The town was a small one, not too far from State College, Pennsylvania. I found it in passing, on a four hour road trip that I was taking to visit a friend of mine in Dubois.

Anything that is on sale or discounted always catches my eye. Naturally, when I drove by a small town that I honestly couldn't even give a name for anymore if I tried, I was inclined to stop at a small country craft type store that claimed it was discounting everything in a going out of business extravaganza. The trip turned out to be quite useful as I gained a magic that is fun and unique and quite powerful all in the same token. What I have here is a piece that I bought at the store. Little known to the shop owner, this piece is a lot more than just a rare collector's item. This piece holds a magic that I'm pretty sure the owner of the small had no idea even existed. If she had, I don't think she would have given it up so willingly.

Time for a history lesson. As we all know, fairies come from a land called Faeria. This land is a magical realm that is similar to ours that exists parallel to our own. Only the fairies have the magic that is require to travel to our realm from theirs, as humans, in general, are not very magical people. For some reason our race is more conscientious about things scientifically adding up and proof and stuff like that. Anyway, in the land of Faeria there is a particular breed of fairies that are known as pixies.

Not really existent for anything other than to look beautiful and practice their magic, pixies are most known for the peaceful existence with all other forms of existence that surrounds them. Generally speaking, there is not a malicious bone in a pixie's body and their magic is a magic of the purest form that comes from an energy that is found deep within the lush, green forests of Faeria.

Okay, so here is the part where I make the loop. The piece that I bought from the consignment shop holds in it, an original Pixie from the land of Faeria. I'm not really sure how it got there, but I knew there was something in the piece when I got it, because I was particularly drawn to the piece. The moment I picked it up, I felt a light, fluttery tingle spark my arm with excitement and curiosity. After I got home, I ran several investigations on the piece. I was able to almost immediately determine that this piece encases an original Pixie.

What does this mean for you? Well, the owner of this piece will be able to use the magic of the Pixie, first of all. It is an original power found deep within another realm and is quite potent and can be used for such things as love, success, wealth, power, prestige, wellness, and spiritual wellness; however, this magic isn't limited in any way shape or form. The owner will experience a flighty giddiness, an excessive emotion of joy and comfort and a sharp decline in the overwhelming endurance of stress. This will mend the soul, as you will find yourself becoming happier and happier, because it is generally the spirits of the sprites. Your newly found peppiness will make you more desirable to others, possibly even causing you to find a new relationship, land the new promotion, or maybe even convince the miserable officer that pulled you over for going three miles an hour over the limit to give you the slip.

Whatever the case, this piece is an amazing piece to either use to begin your collection or add to your current collection. You do not want to pass this piece up. It is fun and you will have a blast using it. High on life is the name of the game, and when you're partaking in something that is 100% organic, you can never go wrong. Enjoy!!

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