This is a most unusual piece. It was used long ago to fool Thor,that is what some used it for or to gain favor with Odin. The powers this holds is that of illusion,glamour and great beauty. Now I know that many things can hold that but what makes this ring so special is that it can create a field that begins to become real for you and not just an illusion. This ring can also ward off evil,cure skin conditions and give you some of the power of the ancient ones. In India this was also used for wealth so it is pre-conditioned to do that for you. This is what is called a Salagrana because of the powers placed into it. It would often be worshiped in some parts of England just like some so Buddha or Jesus. Often people would lay offerings around it and every time they did what they asked for was granted. We have tested this piece in all the ways we learned how it was used. So we tested it as the people from India would have used it,as those in England would have used which was the illusion part and in the wealth. Each time it worked. To get this piece to work for you you may give it offerings or just wear it because either way works. This ring is in Sterling silver.
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