We received this piece from Grizzelle. It's from a consort gypsy witch in Europe. It contains all original powers of the gypsy Maiden of the Coven, from a coven in Romania. The Maiden of the Coven is a term used to refer to the High Preistess of a coven of witches, in this case a coven of gypsy witches. The Maiden of the Coven has since asecnded into an otherwordly form and no longer has need for this piece. This piece is the charm bracelet of the Maiden. The new Maiden had her own, as is customery, and we were just lucky enough to wind up with the powers of this piece. If the Maiden chooses not to be immortal, the charm bracelet is usually buried with her. If not, then it usually gets dispersed among members. However, this charm bracelet is fully in tact and fully invokes a ring of power. This bracelet hold distinc powers including a white light shield against all evil, dark, or maliscious spells and entities. It holds a piece that will allow you to travel to the time hall of witchcraft that will allow you to view all magic and wisdom of witches from the very first spell to the very last. It contains the seed of Eden, which allows you to master the concept of human alchemy of the flesh, which will help you when it comes to developing powers that include mind control and entering others' bodies. It holds the flowing honey of the bumble bee, which will provide abundance and good fortune. Lastly, it holds a flower, which signifies the power of transformation. This power will allow you to completely transform your soul into a healed state of white light existence. This charm bracelet is extremely powerful! Again, it comes from an original Romanian Gypsy witch, and while it holds specific powers, it also holds the powers to be a doorway into obtaining other forms of magic and divination. You do not want to miss out on the powers in this piece!!
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