This piece holds a Sanguine vampire couple -- they are both males -- they are lovers and looking for a MALE ONLY companion.
They are hoping to connect with a human who does not mind S&M and sharing their body with both of them~!

They are very sexual, very protective and also a big jealous!

Jealousy can attribute to extreme pleasure for you, as they will try to top the performance of one another to please you. And if you have a lover, they will want to join in and make it an orgy.

They are secretive and daring, bold and good at everything they set their minds too.... inside and out of the bedroom.

Allow them into your bed and they will bless you with prominent progressions in your life. A man who tested this for us said the pleasure was amazing, he even had a big mark on his neck, a love bite, which allowed him to showcase the attacks they give. They will not endanger you, but our tester said they will ravish you sexually ... he loved it, and then his life changed drastically --- he went from working at McDonalds, with no future paths in sight, to being offered a management position at a local business that was opening. The business took off, and he is now the General Manager making a six figure salary ~!!!

**Let these boys fondle and erect success for you.
The star was chosen by them as this symbolizes them being able to touch every corner of your body -- this changes color based on the level of your body heat and will showcase to you when they are hard at work for, and with you!!
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