IF you are anything like I am, you are totally in tune with your zodiac and where you stand in the universe. It is important that everyone realize the importance and realness of the energies that put forth by the foreign bodies that are in space. For example, the moon alone can influence the moods of hundreds of thousands of people at once, just by being located closer or further away from Earth and depending the phase its in. In astrology those planets who cause negative or harmful influence are known asw malefics. They are the energies that cause people to have depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, and hopelessness. Two noted planets that give off these types of negative energies and other bizarre types of energies are Mars and Saturn, for example. While under the rule of Saturn or Mars, one might feel depressed or angry or sad. I mean, this isn't to say there aren't some outstanding qualities to offer, it's just that their negative characterisitics overshadow and overpower the good ones. For instance, Mars is the war planet and can produce good warriors and heroes. This piece is fortified with astrological energy that reverses the affects of the Malefics negative energy. The positive energy will remain the same, but the negative aspects will be reversed and turned into positive energy that can be used to concentrate on the positive aspects of your planet!! It's the perfect fix-all to manifest and enhance the best powers, magic, and characteristics of your planet and yourself!
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