Mami Wata: The Realm of the Sea

I obtained this piece from my friend, Tatiana, who took a trip to Africa with a civic organization. While she was there, she was sent to a remote village to spread awareness of illness and help African Natives learn how to read and write. In return, she learned from the natives, as well. The villagers taught her their cultural customs including hunting and gathering methods, religious rituals, spiritual dances, and legends and lore. She was completely unconvinced of the last part, perceiving the African villagers’ stories as just that-- legends and folklore of a land that needed explanations for things that were happening around them.

When it was time for Tatiana to end her tour in Africa, the villagers were sad to see her leave. She had helped them accomplish so much in the little bit of time that she was there. So, in return for her hard work and dedication to their tribe, the villagers decided to leave her with a parting gift. The night before her departure, the villages held a tribal meeting. During the tribal meeting they told the legend of Mami Wata, the mystical woman of the sea. They danced, chanted, and called upon Mami Wata, invoking her spirit into a relic that had been provided by that villages Shaman. The following day, when Tatiana was set to depart, they presented her with this, now enchanted, relic. She adored the piece as a memoir of her journeys in Africa, but that was simply it, tossing the magical power it supposedly revealed as nonsense.

However, when she got home things started to get strange for my friend. She would wake up in the middle of the night soaking wet, in a puddle of water. She was having strange dreams of half-fish-half-human sea creatures. Once, when getting out of the shower, she even saw, for a split second, a beautiful woman combing her hair with an elaborate golden comb. One night she called me at just after three in the morning, frantically going on about some dream she had, and insisting she had awaken with fins that had reverted back to human legs after she had woken up. Finally, she succumbed to the possibility that maybe the relic that her friends from Africa had given her did hold a mystical power. She couldn’t go on in this state anymore, waking up soaking wet, dreams getting more vivid with each one, and being visited by the lady with the golden comb.

After researching Mami Wata, I learned that she was a mystical Mermaid with the ability to enchant and entice humans with her beauty and splendor. She wears the latest fashions, sports expensive jewels and accessories, is normally accompanied by her pet-- a snake of epic proportions. Her favorite accessory? An elaborate, golden comb that she enjoys brushing her excessively long hair. She has the ability to read the future, as well as to summon the power of the sea. Additionally, she held the blessings of material wealth and spiritual strength and ability.

Tatiana wasn’t able to realize the ability of the powers given to her; however, I was able to unlock their otherworldly treasure. With the help of our team member who has the ability to create mythological worlds and realms, I was able to develop the following process: When you are physically in possession of this piece, you must completely submerge yourself in water (e.g., pool, shallow lake, hot tub, etc.). Make sure you are able to completely cover your entire body with water or this will not work. Once submerged, you will gradually gain the ability to breath underwater, as your whole physical being will eventually begin to shape shift into a mermaid, or as in my case, a merman. Once you have transformed you will find yourself traveling across the Realms of the Sea. I was able to find and question Mami Wata. She told me that Tatiana had done a great service for her faithful Native followers and in return she had blessed her with great ability-- She had transposed all of her powers and abilities, as discussed above, to the relic which was presented to Tatiana. Whoever is in the physical possession of the relic will behold these great powers of the sea.

Returning to our realm is a much easier task. Simply swim to the top of the Realm of the Sea and once you break the surface, you will find yourself back where you began (whatever water source you submerged yourself in). I know this, because Mami Wata instructed me and it worked as she said it would. When I returned to our realm, I explained what had happened. Tatiana decided that she did not want the responsibility of give powers or the presence of Mami Wata in her home, and didn’t hesitate in passing the piece on to me. Now, I am giving you the ability to acquire this piece and attain these special powers.

Once you have submerged yourself in water with this piece you will be visited by Mami Wata in your astral dreams. You must place the piece under your pillow after you have been in the water fully submerged and adorning this item.

The powers will connect with your energies and bring forth secrets and abilities of the sea while you rest each night. You will then be able to transpose your spirit into the realm of the waters and create a mystical life of power in the sea.

Awesome escape piece from your physical life --- you will endure a reign of enlightened power in the astral realm!

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