Little Girl in the Mirror --<br /><br />

I have a really hard time sleeping when it is storming outside! I think it is the mixture of the energies and all the sounds that fill my mind with a ton of thoughts and then I cannot sleep.<br /><br />

About a month ago there was a very big storm and I was able to fall asleep almost instantly when I layed down in bed, this was very unusual for me!<br /><br />

As I feel asleep I recall that I was dreaming at first then it turned into a nightmare from there.<br /><br />

I was having a dream about a little girl around the age of 7, or 8. She was wearing a white nightgown and she had dark hair, brown or black. I kept hearing the name, Sarah in the whispering winds of my mind.<br /><br />

The strange thing was that I saw her behind me although I was looking straight ahead. I didn't understand this at first, then realized I was seeing her through a mirror. She seemed to be flushed, like she was scared, then she ran to the closet and hid within it. A flash of lightning entered my room and I woke up.<br /><br />

I didn't think much of what I had dreamed, until a few nights ago when it began to rain and storm and again I was able to fall asleep right away. There was the little girls room I had seen, a man enetered and was throwing things around -- he then got to the closet and opened the door. In an instance he drug her out and I saw his hands around her neck. I couldn't do anything, I was helpless -- I tried to yell, but there was nothing I could do. <br /><br />

I then thought, what if I drop the mirror, will I then be able to stop the scene in my mind? What happened was that the oracle of the mirror became a portal which allowed me to be in the room with the girl and her attacker. Just as he was about to seuxally abuse her I was there and beat him over the head with a beauty pageant trophy that was on the dresser. After knocking him out I kicked him in the face a couple of times and the girl smiled and me and vanished!<br /><br />

I immediately awoke and next to me in the bed was this mirror. I was happy that I helped the girl in my 'dream', but was confused by the outcome?!<br /><br />

With the mirror, I went to see Deedee and we teseted the item. We learned that this is a portal piece of radiant attunement. This will allow you to project into the past to help those in trouble, as well as see things in the future that have yet to occur, so you can prevent them.<br /><br />

We had a tester, Victor, use this piece and he saw his dog getting hit by a car, and in the vision there was nothing he could do. He awoke to realize that this hadn't occured, but the next day as he was walking his dog he flashed back to the vision and recalled the car that was headed his way -- he tightened up his grip on the leash and was able to stop his dog from running out to his death~!<br /><br />

This is a remarkable piece that will enlighten you with ESP powers that will contribute greatness upon you and those you love.<br /><br />

This experience prospered from a realm travel caused from the storm and my auric energy -- so you can utilize this mirror that is a manifestation from my realm travel to bring incredible enlightenment upon your life.<br /><br />

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