Chakratic Energy Flow: Manipura

Feeling a little bit down, like you aren't good enough? Life seem to be in a slump, like you're never going to improve? Listen, we all hit our rough patches in life, myself included; however, that doesn't mean we should ever stop moving forward, leaving ourselves content with situations that are less than what we deserve or desire. Satisfaction should always be key in your life and a number one priority. I have some good news for you, total control of the chakra known as Manipura get you well on your way to achieving your desired level of success. By the way, I have just the piece you need to get it jump started and on such a heavy flow that Playtex can't even keep up.

For starters, Manipura, aka the 3rd or solar plexus chakra, is ruler over vitality, spontaneity, strength of will, and self-esteem. It is characterized by the color yellow and is manifested by the element of fire or sun. This chakra is found in the naval area on your body, so stick your finger in your belly button and there it is!! Additionally, this chakra holds jurisdiction release of mind and autonomy. The solar plexus chakra is the one that most effects complete spiritual satisfaction and contentment. The left side of is in direct correspondence with stress and tension. The right side? Spiritual awareness, attention, and concentration. This chakra is directly related to your vision and the sense of sight. It controls internal and external beauty. This will craft your personality, aka ego, and will control your self esteem. It effects the consciousness in the ease of being; it will control your spiritual identification and independence. This means there will be adverse effects over the freedom or hindrance of your spirituality abilities.

Physically speaking, this chakra will effect your vision and eyesight. It will also your metabolism. When healthy, the Manipura will will increase you physical energy and endurance and provide you with more physical effectiveness and coordination. No need to fear, though, because we've go your back!!

The pieces that are on this page will give you energy that your body craves and needs to activate and regulate the flow of energy from the Solar Plexus chakra. It will ignite a spark, sending the chakra's fire into a full-fledged fire that will motivate and will give you an abundance of life. This will increase your longing to accomplish tasks and achieve success, which will ultimately increase your self-esteem and sociability by significant levels. It will give you the personal power that you need to motivate yourself and achieve freedom from lethargy and inability. You will receive total release of you mind, elevating your awareness and mental independence to a level that will help you think outside of the box to attain above average results in whatever it is you happen to be doing.

Control over the Manipura will allow you to coordinate the functions of both the left and the right sides of your brain. It will decrease your levels of stress and tension from stress, while at the same time elevating your ability to kick back and relax, regardless of any stessors may be influencing. You will achieve peace of mind, and a sense of spiritual awareness that will allow you to better become mentally organized and more focused. This chakra will elevate (or perhaps decrease) your metabolism to a rate that is healthy. It will give you the physical energy needed to perform the functions of your day to day life.

This piece will boost the flow of energy to the solar plexus; which is associated with your freedom of any visual discrepancies. It will promote and maintain visual health. It will also control how appealing you are to others, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I have personally tested all of these pieces, that have come from a very reliable source of individuals, who do study para-science. The volunteer to do research and this is their result. They are passionate about their outcomes. They have done a good job by my standards, and I am positive you will be happy with any piece of the powers they have developed, specifically the one vested in the powers you see on this page. You will receive one of the pieces you see on this webpage. Enjoy.

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