I'm not going to make this very long as I have a ton of people wanting me to add certain things on. So here we go.
I got a lot of Russian vampires in and this one is called Marat. He fell in love with a 19 year old called Estabat or Essie for short. She was from Turkey and he of course from Russia.
He was not the kind that went by looks or by who they were. For Marat it all depended on intellect and if he got on well with them or not and with Essie he did! He was in love. She was alive and he is not. While he can walk among the living with ease and yes even in the sun,he was still dead and would never age.
They got on and he told her. This made her think he was insane. She was not into the supernatural and did not believe in anything of the sort. They stopped talking for a while but Marat was determined. He proved to her he was real. She was stunned at first but loved him but did not want to transform because of her religion. She was a Muslim. 
Two years went by and she was worried that at some point she would turn old and he would lose interest because of one of the things he told her. He at one time had a love that did not turn as well and he respected that. As she got very old she refused to be with him feeling that she was to ugly and decrepit. He did not feel the same way as he went for intellect but she was losing her faculaties too. So she went away and passed on inside of her relatives house as she had no children.
Essie being worried discussed this with Marat and he told her she could freeze time as she saw fit and not age yet die when she was due to pass as the good Lord made it so. She said okay and this is the watch he gave her to use. This will fit anyone and it is lovely to look at. You only use it when you want to stop time and stop aging.
Essie is still with us and she is young. You might ask why she doesn't need it. With the power of the vampires eyes you can see what is to come and she did that. Her outlook changed and so this is up for sale. I know both Marat and Essie,both good people and friends of mine. Essie is now fully turned of her own choice.  She is happy. I may today if I have time place the piece on of the eye. It is nothing expensive but it works.
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