All of these items have been fire cast by a Voodoo Priestess and her various practicioners.  She does not operate on the internet and you must go to her outside of New Orleans to have anything done for you. She is well known in her area and locals will tell you about her if they think you are serious and a good person. Once you meet her you KNOW she is serious,there is no con game,no BS and that she has been in this life for generations. She knows her stuff! After talking with her,doing business and using her Fire cast items I knew she knew her stuff. So we have a lot of items that she did and Jason and I tested,all of themm work as we will describe.


This one is a a bit different but in a city where there is a lot of parties this might be a good thing. This item is for drinking and those that have problems with it. This will also help to prevent abuse from a drinker or one that might beat his wife or a wife that might beat her husband. This will begin to slowly stop the drinking by making them sick everytime they do it and it is a BAD kind of sick.  Get this for yourself or someone that needs it.

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