All of these items have been fire cast by a Voodoo Priestess and her various practicioners.  She does not operate on the internet and you must go to her outside of New Orleans to have anything done for you. She is well known in her area and locals will tell you about her if they think you are serious and a good person. Once you meet her you KNOW she is serious,there is no con game,no BS and that she has been in this life for generations. She knows her stuff! After talking with her,doing business and using her Fire cast items I knew she knew her stuff. So we have a lot of items that she did and Jason and I tested,all of themm work as we will describe.


This item is done with Voodoo Magic for gaining love and placing an energy on someone to help it along. This will also stop stalkers,remove love and also allow it to bloom depending on what you want. This is really great because it is not a spell it is an energy that flows from your inner core to the other person and places that need type feeling into them as well. It is natural even though it doesn't seem it and everything always works out for you.

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