All of these items have been fire cast by a Voodoo Priestess and her various practicioners.  She does not operate on the internet and you must go to her outside of New Orleans to have anything done for you. She is well known in her area and locals will tell you about her if they think you are serious and a good person. Once you meet her you KNOW she is serious,there is no con game,no BS and that she has been in this life for generations. She knows her stuff! After talking with her,doing business and using her Fire cast items I knew she knew her stuff. So we have a lot of items that she did and Jason and I tested,all of themm work as we will describe.


This is the life force casting bracelet. This is used for any spell that you can cast yourself and is extremely powerful and helpfull because this is fire and blood cast. In ancient times almost all spells were blood cast because your blood would carry the true intentions and desires of your needs and want. Today it has all been watered down,now you can have that strong stuff back. This item can charge up your items,be used with all other items and increaces the potency of everything due to you just wearing it.

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