I understand that not all the pictures on this bracelet are pictures of the Blessed Virgin.  However, when looking at this item, I was thinking, "What kind of powers should we invoke into this item?"  Then it hit me.  Throughout history, it has always seemed like one of the biggest privileges to have been blessed with a Marian Apparition or Vision.  That is-- it has been considered a sign of good fortune when the Virgin Mary appears to you.  Sometimes she is heeding a warning.  Sometimes she visits simply restore the faith.  Whatever the case might be, those who have seen the Virgin appear to them agree that it has been a true blessing and there life has simply never been the same... in a good way.  The pictures of the four women on this bracelet will allow you to receive four separate and equally strong visions of the Virgin Mary.  When you see her you can ask her any question that you want and the answer will be given unto you.  You can also ask her to bestow any one power upon you to gain a total of any four powers that you wish to ask the Virgin for.  Remember, it must be white light power, because she descends to you from the realm of Heaven.  Either way, this is a very powerful piece that will not only let you see and speak to the virgin, but summon her white light power as well, with the ability to gain four of your own! 

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