The Haitian Revolution was initiated at a Vodou ceremony at Bois Caiman when a priestess (Mambo) sacrificed a black pig, invoking the Iwa, Ezili Dantor, and Ogun. Marinette may be that priestess, now deified and a Iwa herself. (She still maintains positive relationships with Dantor and Ogun.) Marinette, a mysterious, solitary Iwa, belongs to the Petro and Bizango pantheons. <br /><br />

Marinette had a difficult life. She is a bitter spirit who prefers to be alone. People disappointed her. Rather than being celebrated as a heroine, she was first aggressively pursed by French colonial forces, then denied glory when Haitian revolutionary leader Toussaint L’Ouverture banned women from battle frontlines.  Even now she is frequently dismissed as an evil spirit while her male contemporaries are lionized. She is a spirit of rage and frustration but also, in her way, a spirit of justice. <br /><br />

Marinette is invoked by secret societies as well as experienced initiates and sorcerers to provide disciplinary action against malefactors. She chafes at abuse of power and liberates devotees from bullies and oppression. <br /><br />

  • Marinette is the matron of werewolves and loups-garoux. <br /><br />
  • Marinette is syncretized to Joan of Arc or the Anima Sola. <br /><br />

Marinette is described as left-handed, symbolic of her willingness to work with sorcerers for hire and to fulfill less than ethical requests. Her eyes are red, indicating her state of rage. Her appearance is avian. Her hands and feet may resemble claws. <br /><br />

Bring this artifact, infused with the energy of Marinette, into your life if you are the victim of abuse of any kind. She will serve to protect you and to heal the scars of the abuse. She will ensure that no one ever harms you again. And she will seek revenge on those who have hurt you, ensuring that their suffering is ten times that which they have caused you. Marinette will serve you unwaveringly and will see that you are lifted from the painful ashes of the past into a bright, hopeful, happy future filled with light, loving warmth and divine blessings. <br /><br />


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