Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24 PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED, SEE HOW! My story is quite enchanting in the way that it's after effect has stayed with me for years now. It was in a dream that I experienced this, but it was much more than a dream as I will explain. It was a usual night in my old apartment, I was dreaming of being in an amusement park or something when I needed to go to the rest room. When I opened the door to the restroom I found myself in my old bed room at my parents house?! Thinking this was odd, I began looking around the room and saw a blanket was picked up by an invisible force and was dangling in mid air. It was then that I experienced a lucid dream, but it felt wrong like something was invading my dream space, I have had lucid dreams many times before and this one was different in a Chilling way! Anyway, I began to dance with the blanket to show my lack of fear at the unknown presence, weird thing to do I know but it made me feel safe, I then was overwhelmed with the sense of reality of the dream like nothing I ever experienced before... I remembered some old film about how invoking the name of Jesus would rid an evil presence form an area and being terrified and unable to wake I proceeded to do so. I must have shouted several times at the hovering blanket "in the name of Jesus who are you?" Unfortunately nothing happened until a voice shouted NO in a very loud voice, this voice that said NO sounded like it was outside of my dream, even outside of our world of comprehension. I was immediately woken up... terrified like I've never been before, my lucid dream had been taken to something more than lucid. The voice is unknown to me but I would like to think it was the voice of God and my pleas for Jesus actually got a response, and it was as if the voice didn't think I really needed help at that time so said no. I realized later that this happened when this piece was on my nightstand. I was taken back to my childhood bedroom because I questioned a lot about religion and asked for signs from God... this was a way of showcasing that I was heard, and that my life had been blessed and granted success due to the callings I had made. People feel that their prayers are not heard, or answered... and feel left alone--- now with this piece you will be able to journey and experience how and when your guided wishes and prayers have been answered! This is a glorified opportunity that will truly make you alive to the truths of purity, love and divinity! CALL AND YOU SHALL BE ANSWERED... NOW DO NOT WONDER WHAT OR HOW IT HAS HAPPENED, FIND OUT WITH THIS PIECE WHY YOU HAVE LANDED WHERE YOU HAVE, AND HOW THE JOURNEY YOU HAVE LED HAS BEEN AFFECTED BY YOUR PAST! IF YOU ARE PRAYING EARNESTLY, BUT JUST DON'T COMPREHEND THE RESULTS, THIS PIECE WILL INTERCEDE FOR YOU, IMPLORING GOD ON YOUR BEHALF. AND AS LONG AS YOUR PRAYERS ARE OF WHITE LIGHT, HE WILL HEAR THEM AND GRANT YOUR WANTS AND NEEDS. THIS PIECE ISN'T SELFISH OR GREED, IT IS MERELY A PRAYER ENHANCER. IT IS NOT WRONG TO WANT THINGS FOR YOUR LIFE, AS LONG AS GOD APPROVES!! THIS PIECE IS FULL WHITE LIGHT AND COMPLIES WITH GODS WISHES AND COMMANDS, SO THOSE THINGS THAT YOU DO GET ARE 100% SANCTIFIED AND WILL STRENGTHEN YOUR BONDS WITH GOD AND HIS ANGELS!! THE RINGS IS STERLING SILVER WITH BURSTS OF WHITE LIGHT CRYSTALS. IT IS SIZE 5, BUT LIKE MOST OF OUR RINGS, CAN BE WORN ON A NECKLACE AS A PENDANT!! ENJOY!
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