The Old Quaker Lane School House

We were called upon several times to investigate an old school house in Annapolis, but we never could fit it into our schedules. Finally after getting about the 20th call, we decided that we had to make it fit!

Our initial investigation of the Old Quaker Lane School House began in the summer of 2001, and we have conducted ongoing investigations at this location since then. We have had very many encounters here and have several witnesses to back up these encounters as well as physical evidence, such as videos, photos, and EVP’s. Before sharing with you some of our experiences, here’s a brief history of the school.

The school was in full operation until the year 1944 when it was sold to a local landowner who permanently closed it. The school had instructed children from grades 1-8, and had been operated by only one teacher. There was no electricity or heat (other than an old wood stove) until the early 1940s. The building is very small in size and is now being used as a storage area for the landowner. The building was set up like a lot of other schools of this time, with its large woodshed, well pump, boys’ and girls’ outhouses, and a large playing area.

Since our first investigation of the school, we have compiled many true stories and different forms of evidence of the paranormal. Below are just a few of our encounters from this area.

When we first arrived we instantly fell in love with this little school, and we visited it every night we were there, in the late evening hours. On our first few visits, we only stayed on the outside of the school to let the spirits in the area become familiar with us. We set up the video camera in the west window that focused on the center of the school as well as the teacher’s podium.

At first we didn’t speak to the spirits in order to let them “feel us out” and sense that we were not there to harm them. We also took some photos for our records and found them to be quite interesting. After a little wait, we began to speak with them and told them our intentions.

We asked if they would mind communicating with us as well as let us photograph them. We stayed on this first investigation about four hours and then left so we could analyze the evidence that we had gathered. Upon viewing the video tape later on, we heard very clear moans that appeared to be coming from a small female child--and then the moans turned into words saying, “Mom.” The child spoke as if she had lost her mother and didn’t know whom to turn to. We also captured the sounds of children singing hymns!

Now we knew that there was activity, and we just had to go back for more. We returned to the school two nights later, bringing our recording equipment with us. We set up the camera once again in the window to record while we went to the other side of the school to try and capture some EVP.

We arrived at the old well pump that used to be used as gravity fed well and set up our equipment. We explained to the spirits once again why were at this location and what we intended to accomplish by communicating with them. We set up the recorder by the old well and just let it record while we went to the other side of the building. We later learned that a man and small child had been killed in this well a very long time ago. The EVP we captured from this area was a very clear, “Help.” I know the word “help,” when it comes to paranormal activity, is all to common, but this EVP sounds as if it came from inside the well.

This really enhanced our interest of this location, and we began to find more history and background of the area. Our second major investigation was lot more personal and really got our attention.

We still had not gone inside of the area yet because we were waiting for the land owner to clean a few things out of there, so we continued to film at the west side window. While filming the inside of the building, this very bright and perfectly round orb came out from behind some stacked wood. I immediately focused on this ball of light as it slowly traveled right in front of the camcorder. This was recorded in complete darkness, using night vision, and this ball of light was recorded for over four minutes. I attempted to communicate with the anomaly, but no response was given and the object disappeared into the ceiling after a few minutes. This was a great breakthrough for us because now we had something trying to contact us.

Upon our next visit, we were amazed with the evidence that we captured. This school was a very happy place for many children, and they seem to comeback and forth to this area. We have captured EVP’s of children singing, talking, and playing.

Steve was video taping one night when all of a sudden he saw two small anomalies inside the building. He assured them that we were not there to harm them and he also tried to communicate with them. Soon after, we saw the two anomalies fly out of the window right next to him.

We then heard a small child say, “Hey.” A second later another small child says, “Hey, Daddy.” These anomalies and EVP’s were both captured on video. Steve could not hear these voices at the time, but he did hear a commotion in the woods next to him. When he looked over there, he saw a little girl running into the woods. We were amazed with the evidence that was captured that night and had to try to figure out just what was going on.

We began investigating the inside on the next day. The owner finally cleared it out a bit, and we cleared some more out. The inside was very old and showed its age. The smell of mildew was very heavy, and the ceiling was falling down in certain areas. We covered some of the holes in the floor that were created by age and weather. Most of the windows were broken, but you could still see where the curtains used to hang. The teacher’s platform was still in pretty good shape in its position ahead of the classroom, the chalkboard outline still visible on the wall. There was an old coal/wood stove that had been used for heat and it was in pretty good shape as well.

We returned later that evening for our first internal investigation of the little schoolhouse. We entered the darkness of the school, and it peaceful. We stood inside for a few minutes and let the spirits get use to us. Our hair was stood on end; we knew we were not alone.

We began with the photo session and captured some great photographs with shots of orbs, strange lights, and portals. We then moved on with the EVP session, and commented aloud, “If anyone would like their picture taken, please stand next to Deedee.”

Two different digital cameras would not even take a picture ---we had new batteries in the cameras and the light was on, but when we would try to push the button the cameras would turn off; it was odd.

We then pulled out a Polaroid camera and captured 5 different spirits surrounding Deedee, she didn't even need to see the picture because she knew they were there ---she can see spirits.

The children were happy, but seemed lonely, like they were tired of waiting for the school day to end. We always keep portal emblems and empty vessels with us to allow spirits to sanction from their dismay.

Deedee began to communicate to the spirits by sending visionary images into their entities; she showcased the idea of being with a family -- having parents in their lives again. The children were excited and she implemented the willing spirits into the pieces you see below.

There ended up being 12 children that she was able to make contact with and see, but only 7 wanted to move on.

I have a friend who was unable to have children and her husband and her had tried to adopt and were disgusted with the process when they were treated poorly by an agent.

The encounter put a bad taste in their mouth and they never tried again.

They are an amazing couple and would have been phenomenal parents. Her husband died a few years ago and she is now all alone. I gave her one of these pieces and she has told me of her many encounters with a young boy. She loves him, his name is William. He brings forth love, hope and happiness to her.

These pieces are remarkable mood lifters and fulfillment emblems. If you feel like you are no further ahead than you were in life 10 years ago and just have a sense of loneliness, or never had kids and always wanted them --- or are experiencing 'empty nest' syndrome --- then you need to get one of these pieces that will relinquish a young spirit child into your life.

You will excel with a new found happiness and flow with a reason to keep moving forward each day. They work to make life worth living be lighting up your life with aspiration and unlocking your inner powers of compassion, morality and integrity that only come forth when a child surrounds you.

The testers who worked with these items said that they truly are life changing --- that is why not all 7 are available... they "had to have one!"

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