This story showcases events of a vampire that is a descendent of the royal family's bloodline. It is told in the first person, because it will be easier to understand that way. Remember, this is the vampire's original story. We found the vampire through a connection that we have in London, who drew him in with the promise of freedom from his current possessor. We got the piece as part of the bargain, and now he is ready to move onto you. This is his story.

Princess Louise, my mother, was born as part of the royal family in Great Britain on December 7, 1724. She was the youngest surviving child of George II of Great Britain and Caroline of Ansbach. She was the youngest child they had together and pretty much grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was made princess at a young age.

Not soon after George the I, who would have been my great grandfather passed, my grandfather George II received the throne. As for Louise, she would never take the throne of England. She would always maintain her title as Princess, though.

Eventually, as she grew into a woman, Louise was christened Louisa. She was sent off to marry Prince Frederick of Denmark and Norway. The hope was that Louise would play a role in helping either Prince Frederick, or his father who was the King of Norway and Denmark at the time, claim the throne to Sweden, which was rightfully his.

At first the pair didn't get along. They fought like bickering cats and dogs; they hated each other. It isn't widely known, but Frederick's plan for after he took the throne from his father was to use Louise to claim the throne of Sweden. Then, he was going to dispose of her. For whatever reason, there was a change of heart and instead of killing his wife, Frederick would eventually marry off one of his children to the monarch of Sweden.

Now, on the books, my mother's first child is reported as having died during child birth. I'm here to let you know that this is not true. It is a cover up. The reason I know is because I'm that child. I was named Christian, prince of Denmark and Wales. After my birth I was shipped to a monastery, to be raised by monks. Like I said before, apparently they couple had a change of heart, because the rest of their children lived decent lives. In fact, my sister Sophia Magdalena, Louise and Frederick's “eldest” child claimed the throne of Sweden when she married Gustav III, King of Sweden. You can see how things can get complicated, so I guess growing up at a monastery wasn't so bad.

I was forgotten about. Soon after Louise conceived her second child, she and Frederick began getting along. This is the account that is written in history books. Frederick was comfortable, Louise tolerated and pretended not to notice his adulterate ways. Together they made a system that worked and had all of their other children, besides myself, married off to royalty to create a bond of power that would keep their legacy around for a while.

With that being said, I am the rightful heir to Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. I've claimed none of these titles. I've chosen a different title. It's a royalty of different sorts. It makes me a powerful being and an omnipotent magi. I claimed, instead, the Throne of Darkness. I chose to become a vampire.

At the age of 13, I left the monastery, turning to a band of gypsies for support and protection. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but I was personally sick of their devout, religious ways. The monks served their purpose, but I was onto better things. While with the gypsies I learned their magic and occult ways. I learned from the most powerful gypsies there were to learn from. If you know anything about gypsy magic it involves a lot of sex. I lost my virginity at a ripe age. By the time I had reached manhood I was very practiced. By this time, we had been rounded up by the Austrian government under the rule of Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina. At one point in time it seemed she had ruled half of Europe. Maria was the only female ruler of the Hasburg Domions and the last of the House of Hasburg. She was the sovereign of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Lodomeria and Galicia, the Austrian Netherlands and Parma. By marriage, she was Duchess of Lorraine, Grand Duchess of Tuscany and Holy Roman Empress.

While I was living in Austria, I gained the favor of Maria Theresa. She secretly adopted me, taking pity upon me, and giving me a proper education. The gypsies despised me, saying that I sold my soul to the enemy. I was grateful for the gypsies and did not want them to think the way they did. TO prove my allegiance to the Romani people, I was sent on a special mission. I was to go to Transylvania and obtain the blood of a newborn Transylvanian vampire and bring it back. The magic of this blood, combined with gypsy powers and sex magic would have been enough to conjure powers that would help the gypsies gain their freedom, which had been taken by Maria Theresa.

I never returned to the gypsies, as I was captured by the Transylvanian government. It was in Transylvania that I met Claire. She wasn't exactly of any bloodline other than the Dark Prince, as she had been a vampire years before I had even arrived in Transylvania. I fell hard for Claire. It was the first time I had ever really experienced love with anyone. She is the one that transformed me into a vampire. All I can say is that love is blind. I thought that Claire loved me as much as I loved her; but I think it is safe to say that in all the places I've been in the world, greed outplays money. Claire had been around for awhile and knew how to play the games of mortals.

When my adopted mother, Maria Theresa found out that I had been captured in Transylvania, she released me. She happened to also be the Grand Princess of Transylvania at the time. She had no problem setting me free and taking me in. Little did she know that I had already sold my soul to the Devil for the woman whom I though was going to be the love of my life-- well my eternity.

Love struck, I begged Maria Theresa to free Claire. Once she was free, Claire already had her plans made. The night we were freed, Claire crept into my room at night, proclaiming that she wished to make love to her “husband.” I was charmed at the thought of being married to her and I conceded to her. The fact that my birth father had been such a man-whore and the years I had spent learning from the gypsies played a huge factor in my success that night.

As Claire crept in, I began to feel incredibly aroused. I couldn't help but to smell the dampness of her hair and the scent of oils on her skin. I drove me mad. I reached into my pants to mind out that my sex organ had grown considerably and had become rock solid. I wasn't sure if that could still happen as a vampire; but it certainly did.

As Claire crept closer, my heart began to race, which was strange. Before this point I had only ever partook in sexual activity as a form of ritual magic. Don't get me wrong, it felt amazing, but it wasn't as good as the feeling I was getting now. It was almost as if there were an electric pulse that filled the air and our hearts beat in unison.

She made her way to my bed, where we both immediately stripped each other naked. As we lay there, we explored each others bodies, first with our hands. The breathing got heavier and the stroking got harder. Before I really knew what was happening, I began tasting Claire with my mouth. She tasted incredible to me, so kept on touching Claire's body with my mouth.

I went the whole way down, until I reached the sweet spot, only stopping to caress her breasts with my tongue. Once I reached her area, I parted the walls. I began partaking in her forbidden fruit, which tasted sweet and juicy. This went on for some time, as I simply couldn't get enough of her flavor. The whole time Claire trembled in satisfaction, uttering stifle moans of approval and pulling on the tufts of my hair.

When I was finished, Claire briefly returned the oral favor, before mounting my member as if it was a full grown steed. She wasn't bad at riding it, either. He pelvic bone thrust up and down and back and forth. I could feel the intensity of the orgasm building up. I knew was I about to burst. The breathing got heavier and heavier. The motions got quicker and quicker. Time seemed to stand still, and even though we were both creatures of the undead, we left our bodies spiritually, until we came back down. I felt a transference of power as I received all the powers that Claire had ever had or attained from her past encounters. She gained mine. When it was all said and done, it was the best sexual encounter that I had ever had... and I've had a lot in my time.

The moment lasted only briefly, however, as before I gained full consciousness after our elated sexual experience, Claire cast some sort of spell on me pushing me into a deep coma. When Maria Theresa found me there, seemingly lifeless, she entered into a deep state of depression. Doctors say she was sick with small pox, and she may have well been. Her depression is what really killed her. However, nobody but her and I had known her plan to make me her direct successor to her pivotal role of the House of Habsburg. She love me as her own son. With the illness and depression setting in, she never really recovered. She died in 1780 and her son, Joseph, took my spot as her heir. Without her strength, the House of Habsburg fell apart and so did the grip that Austria had on Europe.

When I entered a coma, Maria Theresa had my invoked into this piece. She couldn't stand the though of living without me. I remained in the coma until the 20th century when a young witch realized what I was capable of with her psychic intuition. She conjured me from the piece and somehow I ended up back in England, where I had begun my legacy.

The witch, though is terrible. I cannot stand her and I was conjured by a separate wizard, who promised to find me a permanent home, should I give up my binding to the previous witch. I hastily agreed and we have been working on this for some time. Now, I think we are ready. It is my time to move on.

This is the end of Charles' story. Let me just say that I was amazed by the story he told. Now, he is available for you as a full-time Sex Vampire. He has a multitude of other powers, but being that he learned most of his powers via the sex magic of the gypsies, this is the magic that he is going to bring to you. He will give you the power of the gypsies and the magic he received when he had his encounter with Claire. You will gain the ability to have him change you, if you desire, to transform into a full fledged vampire. You will gain his white magic. You will gain his dark magic. You will gain all the wealth and success associate with the many rightful thrones that he was supposed to hold and walked away from.

This is a very, very powerful piece. You'd do well to consider this one for your own collection. You must bond with this piece to activate its powers. We have all used this piece personally and can attest to the magic that it holds deep within. Practice makes perfect, so continuously invoking your piece is the right way to use it. Don't pass this one up!!

To bond with this Vampire that is extremely powerful,sexual and a bit sarcastic you need to marry him. In marriage there is the best of sex. There is the royal bloodline,and all the good stuff that comes with that.Marriage to him is a sexual encounter.

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