I got this piece at a huge indoor sale in Virginia. I was there with my friends, actually on our way to Virginia Beach. We were getting off the highway to grab a bite to eat when the shop just happened to pop up. My friends and I like to explore odds and ends, which is what the sale had to offer, among other things like homemade jewelry and some antiques. I came across this piece in a corner of a booth that one older lady happened to be selling, what I would otherwise classify as junk. As soon as I laid my eyes on this piece, I knew there was something about it. The old lady must have known that there was something about it too, she also must have been psychic. Before I could even turn around to to ask the price on the item, I felt a touch on my should, warm and friend, but trembly with age. She smiled down at me, where I was stooped down, and whispered, "It's yours dear." I obviously thanked her and then my friends and I headed to eat and then got back on the road. Later, I brought the piece back to the office for a full investigation. How this piece got to Virginia I'm not sure. I mean, Delaware isn't that far away, which is where this piece is from. After investigation, I have been able to conclude that this piece is a Masonic Wealth piece, which used to belong to a 33rd degree Mason. People know that Masons hold a swath of power. It's a given. What some people don't know is that they also hold an ancient form of wealth powers that have allowed them to maintain success and influence. The powers were summoned directly from the energy flow of the Great Pyramids of Giza and call upon the powers of the ancient Pharaohs' wealth. This item holds the ancient wealth powers of the original Masonic Lodge, that come from the pyramids. When you invoke the powersin the piece, wealth will begin to be attracted to your. It could be in any form, but it will manifest itself abundantly!!
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