There are 17 Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. One of them was Compte St. Germain. Three of these masters have no moved on,retired,however you want to look at it. We feel this is because of the time we are living in. Although we could be wrong as to why that really doesn't matter. What matters is that these powers are now available to you just as they were at one time set to St. Germain and others like him.

The power is God Power and immortality for those that would use it correctly. I have three of these pieces given to me DIRECTLY by St. Germain himself. I will offer one up now as we are not sure if the others will be given out or not.

This ring is a size 8 and can be made bigger or smaller. The stone is ever moving a sign of immortality,blessing,power and life. When we use the term God power it encompasses all things.

This is a ring that once you have it you won't need much else. I'm not sure if I will offer the other ones so take advantage of this now. This can be worn by both men and women and not look bad or weird on either sex.
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