YES YOU STILL GET BINGO CARDS WITH ALL ORDERS. If your looking for a variety of magical ability that you control,this is it. If your looking for conjuration,voodoo,spell casting,love,passion,beauty,revenge, calling of spirits or creatures,meditation,telepathy,opening the psychic eye,portals for pendulums,tarot cards or charging an item,get these. These can be custom done for specific magics or you get all that was described above. Personally I would get the all of the above and then you have a nice arsenal. These wood matches dipped in a wax seal. These hold rituals and magicals that only work when you light them. Included is even a few Karma sticks to get rid of anything bad. You also get so much more,angelic callings,evil banishment and they make a great gift. These are low priced yet very powerful and have been tested by everyone in my group. We all tested many of the powers and abilities and I'm very satisfied. You will get plenty of matches to keep you going. I even have a few sterling holders for them that will go on later. More items are coming. It will be the last BIG sale before Christmas. Enjoy.
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