The seahorse charm is the piece that holds the entity in this bracelet.  The entity is a spirit form mermaid.  She used to exist as one of the daughters of Poseidon, however she felt like there was more of purpose for her here in the mortal realms.  She exists solely as a spirit form in the mortal realm, however, and is more like a nymph now than anything else.  Although, she was originally a mermaid and it is reflected strongly in her magic.  Live I've said, this piece holds the seahorse that is the vessel to which the mermaid is currently attached.  The seahorse charm was chosen during the making of this piece as a marvelous finish to the other encrusted beads on this piece, each of which hold one wish that the mermaid will grant.  Together they make 12 wishes, which is why I call this item the Mermaid's Dozen.  With this piece any 12 wishes of your choosing will be granted for you.  You can make any 12 wishes, no restrictions, but when they are done, they are done.

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