DO YOU WANT, WHAT YOU WANT? Are you really ready for your desires to come true? Seriously, are you? The natural response is, “Yes, of course I am.” But what I realized in my own life is that in many instances, I am not really ready. When we contemplate our lives as we would like them to be, that future dream always appears perfect to us. “If only . . .” But what we seldom contemplate is how drastically our desires could change our lives. I kind of like change - - - but most people do not. Change always brings the unknown...and the unknown may be scary. Okay, the unknown is always scary, right? Do you like to be scared? A fact~ To create your dreams and desires you will be required to leave your zone of comfort and enter into the unknown! Yes, that is a fact! Now, if you aren’t willing or able to leave parts of your life that give you comfort and security behind, you may not be ready to have your desires become reality. Just what you wanted to hear, right? :) This piece will help you to channel your mind to prepare for big changes, allowing for your dreams and desires to be enabled to occur. There are times that people get items and have expectations and then do not get the immediate response they wanted... this is often due to the fact that they are not ready -- they want it, but they do not want to change! Now you can change unconsciously by allowing the invoked energies in this piece to change your inhabited areas of discern and break the barriers for a fresh imperial flow of your bodily fluids. The instant this reacts, a strange thing will happen. You can feel it in every cell of your body... the generation of power -- it feels so good. You will feel like you own the world! At that time you will know that you are ready... really ready to have your desires and dreams begin to become realities in your life! This piece will removed your own inner roadblocks, granting you absolute certainty... making you ready to step into the unknown. WE THOUGHT TO OURSELVES, WHAT BETTER PIECE TO USE TO MAKE THIS PIECE THAN ONE WITH BUTTERFLIES? WHO IN NATURE KNOWS CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION BETTER THAN THESE LITTLE CREATURES? THE WHOLE OBJECT OF THEIR LIVES ARE METAMORPHOSIS INTO SOMETHING MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THEIR PREVIOUS VERSIONS, WHICH IS WHAT THIS PIECE IS DESIGNED TO DO FOR YOU.
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