How the Brain Perceives Pain Channels of energy flow through all lobal areas of the brain. There are so many components that radiate the forces of our thoughts and the sensory nature of what we feel is also triggered there. Pain is felt differently by different people... it seems that one person deals with it much better than another, how is this possible? The arena of neurons in each persons brain is empowered differently and the connectors of the power and force radiate the feeling of pain by that. If you have extra sensory connectors the littlest thing will feel extremely painful, where someone with less receptors could truly hurt themselves badly and not feel much pain. A radiant medicine man conceptualized the energy that is within this item. With this energy you will be able to neutralize the elements of pain that is felt in your body. We had one of these made for a woman who had a child who felt extreme pain all the time, and this made sparks fly to remove the constant lingering pricks of hurt. Since the success we received more and this one is now available for you! This works great for any age... especially for kids and the elderly... as the older you get the more aches and pains seem to proclaim within your body~
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