This piece will allow you to birth your own mimic monster, which is less of a monster and more of a spiritual existence. Although these creatures are very horrific looking, you need not be worried because they are gentle in existence and seek to do no harm. They are merely ugly to ward off those that might try to take advantage of them and their powers. Their powers are simply as their name might suggest-- and is the most powerful of all. They mimic the powers of other beings. No matter what type of being your mimic monster encounters, it will be able to fully duplicate and store a copy of their magic, powers and energies. This leave an open ended power that will allow you to seek the realms-- even our own realm-- for the most powerful beings. You can then send forth your mimic monster to do what it does best-- mimic the being you are sending it forth to. It will then create a duplicate form of this magic and it will be yours for the taking! You will be able to use this piece to spiritually bridge the gap between you and your mimic monster, allowing for a total bonding experience whereby your monster will fully trust you in a way that these mimic monsters don't trust anyone. They are typically loners... even shying away from others of their kind. You can tame your mimic monster by bonding with it and then you will be on your way to using their powers for further acquisition of powers with no cap and absolutely no limitations!
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