Miracle Awakening<br /><br />

It was the morning of October 30, 2005.  Mark Portoles recalls heading for work as usual.  What he doesn’t remember is driving himself to the hospital.<br /><br />

He had called his boss and told him he didn’t feel well. His boss was concerned and convinced Mark to go to the emergency room, somehow Mark made it.  Once he got there, he collapsed.<br /><br />

Dr. Medzoyan was doing rounds in the intensive care unit that morning. He recalls, "An alert call came over the PA system that someone had arrived at the hospital with a massive deadly heart attack. Then a second call went out over the PA system and specifically asked for me because I was the cardiologist on that day. When I arrived there, it was like a war zone. It was chaos. Everyone there fighting to keep this man alive."<br /><br />

The ER staff worked on Mark for 40 minutes. They shocked him a dozen times. Despite their efforts, there was no response.<br /><br />

Once Dr. Medzoyan decided the team had done everything medically possible, he called the time of death. Medically Mark was dead, but he was still experiencing consciousness.<br /><br />

"I was standing in the back of a funeral home, and at that time, I determined that I had died," Mark says. "This funeral home was empty and I was wondering where all my friends and family were?"<br /><br />

While a nurse prepared Mark’s body for the morgue, Dr. Medzoyan updated the charts.<br /><br />

As soon as the doctors notes were completed, he walked out through the door of the emergency room and heard a voice say, 'Turn around and pray for this man.' Dr. Medzoyan said he wanted to ignore that voice because he said to himself, How can I pray for that man? He’s dead, he’s gone. There’s no life in him, so he kept walking. <br /><br />

The voice came back again and said, 'Turn around and pray for that man.' Dr. Medzoyan stopped and thought he needed to honor the calling, and so he turned around and went back to Mark's body and stood by his side.<br /><br />

There was a  nurse was on the other side of the body, and she’s looking at the doctor like, 'What are you doing? Why are you here?' And Dr. Medzoyan stood there next to the corpse, he opened his mouth and these words came out: 'Father God, I cry out for this man’s soul. If he does not know you as his Lord and Savior, Father, raise him from the dead now, in Jesus name.‘"<br /><br />

‘I remember staring at bright lights and they were swirling around," Mark says. "Out of those bright lights came an image and he told me that he was there to look over me and make sure that everything was going to be fine."<br /><br />

Dr. Medzoyan continues, "The other doctor walked in the room and I pointed to him and said, 'Shock this man one more time.' He looked at me and said, 'Dr. Medzoyan, we can’t shock him. He’s dead. There’s no life in him. He’s gone.' <br /><br />

Dr. Medzoyan said, 'For me, shock him one more time.' That doctor out of respect and honor, went over to that body with those defibrillator paddles and put his paddles on that patient and shocked him. Immediately an instant heartbeat came back. Instant perfect, regular, which we’ve never seen before. Then suddenly this abdomen started moving and starting breathing and then a couple moments later, the fingers started twitching."<br /><br />

They immediately moved Mark to the intensive care unit. Three days later, Mark woke up with no evidence of brain or organ damage.<br /><br />

"Once I woke up, my son Daniel was there," Mark says. "That’s when he told me what had happened."<br /><br />

Dr. Medzoyan says, "When I came in Monday morning, Mark was sitting up in bed, and I said, 'Where were you that day that I prayed for you in the emergency room?' And he said, 'I was in total darkness and I was so disappointed.' I said, 'Mark, what were you disappointed about?' He said, 'I was alone for eternity.'"<br /><br />

Mark recalls, "He asked me at that time if I was willing to accept God into my life and into my heart and I did. I just opened my arms and accepted God. It was just a very emotional time and I remember crying in his arms."<br /><br />

Today Mark is back at work and gets regular check-ups with Dr. Medzoyan.<br /><br />

"He still has no heart problems or residual complications from his brush with death," Dr. Medzoyan says.<br /><br />

"To know what I had gone through and to be fortunate... That’s been part of my daily battle is why me," Mark ponders. "Why have I been so fortunate to have God shine on me? It’s been tremendous. I’ve been physically reborn. I’ve been spiritually reborn, and I’m just very grateful for that."<br /><br />

"The day that the doctor prayed for Mark was a day of very little faith for him. It wasn’t one of my big God days," Dr. Medzoayn says. " I was so much in a rush with my work, and I didn’t have a lot of faith backing that prayer up that day. He believes the voice was the Lord asking him to pray and so he did it to honor him. That’s all we need. Just a spark of faith like that mustard seed, and when you cry out to the mighty Holy Spirit, He will take over. Miracles are real, and they’re real today."<br /><br />

This incredible story of survival and reaction between life and death for Mark ignited a spark within him to advance his life upon a spiritual path. He has since traveled all over the country visiting proclaimed sites of miracles and meeting with some of the most amazing leaders of all different religions.<br /><br />

The connection of miracles showcase no boundaries of what religion you are, or what facet of God you believe in. The white light strength that saved Mark and brought forth a new awakening upon his life is what started his desire to "awaken" others with pure knowledge.<br /><br />

This item is blessed with an invoking from the Vatican. The Holy waters were embarked on this piece as a pinnacle prayer was announced, it is an enlightenment that holds the illumination of a miracle. You simply need to use this piece as a prayer module and you will release the blessing that Mark had instilled. Your life can be put back on track when this miracle emblem relinquishes its power upon you!<br /><br />

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