Miss Middleboro’s Transfer

Lavinia Warren Bump was a midget, known as a living doll; she was only thirty-two inches tall and weighed thirty pounds. She was part of the theatrical show of P.T. Barnum. She married General Tom Thumb, who was Mr. Barnum's diminutive superstar. The couple lived in Middleboro, Massachusetts when they weren't traveling the world.

Soon after the couple retired and settled in their mansion they had built in Middleboro, Lavinia's husband, Tom passed away. After the general's death, Lavinia married an Italian papal count; who was also a midget and they opened a snack bar in the town.

Lavninia loved to be all dressed up and loved flowers. We have a floral pin that her second husband, the count, gave to her. This is a treasured piece that we were able to recover before it was put into a local Middleboro museum.

The count could defy gravity to a certain extent, being able to climb upside down vertical surfaces in a reptilian manner. He had powerful hypnotic and mind control abilities, and is also able to command nocturnal animals such as wolves and rats.

Lavainia's pin embraces five magnificent pink flowers that embody her husband’s spirit and powers. After his wife's death, the count would hold this piece to connect with his deceased bride. His constant connection with the pin made his spirit feel a link which is why he is still a part of it in spirit.

Owning this pin will allow the count to lift you up when you feel like you are falling; he will make your spirit rise the way he could make himself defy gravity. The exceptional mind control and hypnotic abilities will also be shared with you by the counts spirit. It is unique to find all of these powers in one piece -- and to own a gorgeous piece that embodies the spirit of a count is unheard of! You can tell that he loved his wife, and although he was a midget his powers and love were vast and strong~
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