Many believe that sacrifices go on in many places. Mostly it is believed that certain tribes of New Guinea or Illuminati commit these crimes or acts. But what if the two were combined,the magic of the hidden tribes in New Guinea and the unworldly magic of Bohemian grove? Is it possible that some families had children just to sacrifice them? With enough money most things can be covered up. Look at Obama's lack of transparency with his college transcripts and passport. Even Donald Trump has offered to give 5 million to charity if he shows them. If all my info was on the up and up I would produce them. But I guess he can't. What I do know is that it took a TON of money to keep it quiet that he applied and got foreign aid for school. Lets also take a look at murders that get off due to the amount of money they can spend on a lawyer. Does OJ ring a bell? I'm not just picking on black people,we also have the Kennedy's and boot legging,murder and the list goes on. The Clinton's with a massive body count,all of these people untouchable. Bret Breitbart is now dead,he was about to expose some serious shit on Obama. I know how the CIA works and how they kill people they want shut up. There is actually a CIA book that goes into drug deaths,pushing you off a building,poison and how to inject to cause a heart attack. Be no fool,we are all targets or could be. If your a prepper you are considered as of last month to be a terrorist. I found it interesting that since I store food and water along with meds that I'm on a government list! But getting back to this. The sacrifices that took and still in secret take place in New Guinea are done if someone wrongs them,steals,murder or anything they feel is terrible. They will eat the person because to them they are gaining strength. One of the very first sacrifices in Bohemian grove was of a black man. Now at the time we thought he was kidnapped of the street as they often do to children and hookers but this was not the case. They had taken a tribe member from New Guinea to learn how they did sacrifice and why. It was one of the leaders who they took and killed. What they learned was not only the parts of the body to eat but how to eat it and then they combined with their own rituals to their dark master Satan. Now this is not going to be about Satan or the impending darkness that seems to be covering the US but more about why. What did these men gain by doing these things? Is a pact with Satan real or is it just something that movies are made of? Well we have found out. We went to Block Island where a master had been set up and we pulled our records on Bohemian Grove and the underground in NYC,that lovely little hotel that we say goes straight to hell! And so our story begins. Just let me grab some cheese and apple sauce first. That is what I have been wanting. I have been on a flavored apple sauce kick for months. Well First I'm going to go smoke and then I will be back. We assume we know what the Serpent in the tree at Bohemian Grove is a Satanic being,it sure can shapeshift. We think that is what it is more now then ever. Many thought it was some sort of alien life form that was waiting to take over by causing unrest in the world through political terrorism. What we have found out is that these core agencies are under the influence of Satanic forces. Not only that but they are NOT brainwashed they are very much aware of what is going on. Sacrifice at Bohemian Grove is used for many thigs but mostly for the the few who are allowed into get what they want. This story is about Michael Rockefeller the son of the Billionaire fortune. He was born to be sacrificed and it was all for wealth. It is here that a great conspiracy and cover up was born. Michael wanted to explore,so it was said but instead he disappeared. He was thought to go down in New Guinea but the only thing Guinea about him was what they taught his father and others like him on how to gather magic. He was sacrificed,eaten for power and then his body given up to the great tree. The first sacrifices were of aboriginals from New Guinea but the great serpent in the tree was not happy. He felt they had no meaning to anyone in Bohemian Grove. You can kill much more easily if you don't care for the person. The shapeshifting serpent had bigger plans,a kill had to mean something. So these men had to give up sons and daughters. The fate was worse for the daughters but these members did not care. As they were producing children they were merely just a food source for them,more of a source of world power that would be given to them by the serpent. We made contact with Michael and learned the entire story. This is all real! When doing this contact I always use full psychic ability that has gotten so much stronger since my transformation! No longer do I need to second guess. My story with Michael is a horrific one. He was told he was being given a vacation,a time to get away while his parents were going through a divorce. He welcomed it and was glad. He didn't care for the money or the fighting. He was also very good looking and had a good personality,a little stiff but not to where you couldn't have fun with him. it really doesn't matter what his life was like as he is dead now but what matters is what was taken from him. It wasn't just life but also essence. This is where the tribe of New Guinea comes in. The Cannibals of New Guinea ate people to gain their power and strength as well as any prosperity or magic they possessed. In their village it worked for them. Maybe it was passed down from the beginning of time,who knows but it worked. The serpent wanted the child or children of the ones in power who he gave power to. It was never on their own,it was given to them and now there was a price to pay. In the sacrifice the person was killed under the great tree and then burnt in an offering to great owl or also known as Molech. Once the person was killed an item was covered in the blood,this was to gain the powers of the dead. There was also a ritual to seal the deal. The entire reason of the sacrifice at Bohemian was to keep these idiots in power and wealth. Once the ritual was done it couldn't be undone. Now ask your self this,no matter how hard you work,no matter what you do,how can you come into millions? Well one thing I can tell you is that it is NOT buy luck. You have to have something do it for you! This item will. This comes from the sacrifice of Michael Rockefeller. The ring is for all that the family wanted,wealth and power. This is the only one we have on Michael. We have another on someone else but that one I'm keeping. I'm keeping that one for personal reasons. This ring is solid sterling with the ears up on the owl which means a productive web. In our terms it means that what you want is given and in this case it was wealth and power,NOT politics.

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