So much has been going on lately and the stress has been driving me crazy. I want to get away and relax on the beach with a big margarita in my hand. A vacation would be wonderful... but since I have a hectic lifestyle with many hours of work to do, I could only afford to get away for a short weekend.

The beach would just be a tease for a mere two days, so we just went to a bed and breakfast about an hour from home. I like to antique and search through the stores to find rare items. After checking in and dropping our bags, Matt and I went into town to explore all the small side shops and antique markets.

This is a location I had never been before and so I wanted to explore as much as I could. To me the realm of possibilities that are inside an antique shop excite me and help take my mind away from all the stress that I had been feeling.

I am Clairaudient and am able to hear things that are inaudible. I can hear beyond the natural sense of hearing. Usually this ability brings words from spirits, guides, or angels or I can simply hear into your future in some mystical way. I think this ability is what sometimes brings me stress because I cannot answer to every voice I here! Some sounds and voices are overheard with no regard needed by me and others talk to me to tell me things that they need help with.

At the antique market I immediately picked up on some spirit voices; one female voice kept describing a piece that she wanted me to find. I told Matt that I was being told to find a specific piece and we both began to search. The spirit wasn't telling me exactly where to find it, just was describing it to me.

Matt and I searched all throughout the store looking for this specific piece. Matt located it after 45 minutes of hunting; this part of my getaway was not so stress free! I was stressed while looking for the piece because I couldn't find it and was hoping that we weren't on a wild goose chase.

After locating the piece we got a clerk to get it out of the case; I could sense strong energy coming off of the piece and bought it without another thought!

I took the piece to work to show Deedee and to get her insight on it. She was able to conjure up the spirit of Vivian Crowther, who was a Wiccan priestess.

Vivian told Deedee that the piece that I bought held powers that she incorporated within it before she died. The piece holds the powers of cryokinesis, telekinesis, levitation, astral projection, telepathy, shape shifting and molecular immobilization.

She wanted her legacy to live on and so she empowered this piece; ever since her death the piece has not been worn, it has simply been auctioned off and then has remained in this antique shop for years.

Vivian wants someone to use her magic and abilities to continue her beliefs and strengths; we have tested this item and all have encountered the different abilities. We believe that there may be other powers available that may surface when the piece is owned and used regularly.

The list of powers that we listed are the ones that opened up when we tested the piece-- Vivian informed Deedee through medium practices that she has been waiting patiently for someone to take control of this piece!

Get this and gain years of Wiccan experience and knowledge and gain the powers that Vivian will bestow upon you~

Sterling ring size 8 or 9 with a real fossil on top if it.
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