Monastery Blessing of Buddha<br /><br />

As Buddha advised King Sangyal regarding the benefits of building monasteries. “Any human being building Buddha’s temple, even while still in samsara, in future lives will always have incredible wealth, like radiating palaces, like the king of devas.” That includes power and so forth. <br /><br />

“In all the lives you will have happiness, will get good rebirth, and will create good karma in the next lives. While experiencing the result for ten millions of eons, all the time you will enjoy your life, with joyful mind, with no sorrow, and in the end will achieve the state of peace, the cessation of suffering and its causes.” <br /><br />

Then also in the sutra it says, showing the ripening aspect result of the karma, “Anybody who builds a temple, without doubt in the future lives will become king. You will do the work for many transmigratory beings, many sentient beings.” Then, “You are harmonious with all sentient beings,” everybody is harmonious with you, they like you. If everybody is harmonious with you, you can benefit them, bring them to enlightenment.<br /><br />

This piece is the deciple remnant of Mohammed Restillon, he devised a monastery and this was his token medallion that was used in his shrine.  The piece was instilled with his devotion, power and integrity to bring forth temple power to his family in the future.<br /><br />

The center of this ring houses the shrined replica of Buddha that Mohammed used as his empowered divination for his monastery.<br /><br />

By wearing this ring you will be filled with the extreme blessings of incredible wealth and enlightened harmony that will bring you the most blissful life you could imagine!<br /><br />

You will feel like you won the lottery, or Publisher's Clearing House when you see the amazement that will occur in your life ~!<br /><br />

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