Money makes the world go 'round.  Show me the money!  Put your money where your mouth is!  Money doesn't grow on trees.  MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!  It seems that these days that everyone is concerned mostly with money, and that's okay!  After all, is it not money that helps you get ahead in life?  Wealth is the one thing that seperates those at the very top from those at the very bottom, except for the people who live on welfare.  I'm not saying welfare is totally bad, but if you live off it, then yes-- that is bad.  Some people prefere to live of it; but for the rest the only thing that separates you from the top of the food chain is money-- cold, hard, cash!

This piece was made by a wealth sorcerer who we simply called moneybags.  He was an immortal, but we've only ever summoned him once and that was to make this item.  He made this piece using wealth alchemy, which was a process that actually crafted well before St. Germain.  The idea is that it turns your body's natural energy into wealth energy.  The power in this piece is specifically designated for earning wealth via games of chance.  This means you can use this piece while at the casino or while playing lotter or while entering sweepstakes-- you know, things like those.  It will bring wealth back to you at least sevenfold-- probably more!!

To use this piece you must turn it over and put a coin on two in the scoop that the back of the money back necklace makes.  Allow it to sit there for three days.  Take you money out and you can spend it like normal.  Then, wear the piece whose powers you just activated.  The rest of the process is as easy as money in the bank!!  The powers in this piece will come naturally.  You will be amazed at the results that follow! 

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