This piece is a bit unusual as it calls a spirit that you have no control over. What ever you need done of want it find the spirit that can do it and commands them on your behalf. I persoanlly don't like the way it looks as I like sparkling things but hey it works so who cares!


I have used it to have a change in someone I needed. I used it to look in and see what someone was doing so I could counteract their evil. I used it to banish a demonic being from a family that Steve knows. I used this to help with a mney situation for someone and all the time,every time it worked.


To use the item. You need to call it's name which I was told was All Knowing. Well okay I said and I did it and it worked. There is not much else to say. It did not require any offering or anything. I called it and then told it what I wanted done or to get. That was it. Sometimes these things have huge long backgrounds but this one just doesn't.  I call it mulktimasking brcause no one knows it is you who is doing anything to them or for them. You stay secret unless of course you want somnething for yourself.

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