Your getting a mangle of merman here. Three,one blonde,one red head and one dark haired. Something for everyone but this piece is just about gifts. Your going to get a lot of gifts but you can't pick them,they do. They can be woth a lot of money or just little gifts but they come all the time. This kind of piece makes life happy!


Some of the things I got have been, my friveway shoveled by an unknown source. A gift bag left on my door filled with little treats and a white gold necklace with a multi-colored stone.


A guy fixed my battery,gave me a new one for free and in my car,that's expensive! My internet died due to weather and I was pissed,next thing I knew I was the only one with it. Then the lady next door was missing hers and I said that was messed up and then she got it too.


My TV broke and the store up graded me toa bigger and better one at no charge.


I walked into my bedroom and found various gifts all over the floor. One was money and the others where little gifts I loved. So this is just a great and fun piece!

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